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My 15 year old dog has arthritis in his hind legs. He is about 50 pounds. Can I use a 325 mg. Ascriptin to treat him or should I use one or two 81mg coated aspirin? Suggestions will be helpful. Thanks. ## Well, unfortunately, this site is not medical professionals, nor are we veterinarians, this is an information only website that deals with prescription medications for human use. What has your Vet recommended? ## First I will say that I am not a vet; however, I have a 45 pound dog that was crying out with severe lower back and leg pain last September. I took him to a vet and he prescribed the following. 3 each 50 mg Tramadol (a mild opiate) and 2 each 325 mg Ascriptin per day. The results have been miraculous for 9 months "and going". He only takes two of the Tramadol and one o...

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I am trying to purchase extra strenth ascriptin coated with malox. All the web sites I usually order from says it's on back order. ## Unfortunately, I'm not finding it available anywhere, either. Have you tried alternative products, such as regular buffered Aspirin tablets? You might also want to try asking your pharmacist to suggest an alternative. ## I too am trying to find the ascriptin extra strength for my Mom. She has RA and this is the only thing that she can take that helps her pain. Can anyone tell me please where I can find this medicine? ## Amazon sells it, but you have to buy two bottles which costs about $44.00 plus shipping. Not sure why its so expensive. ## Novartis claims that due to a manufacturing quality control issue, the plant manufacturing the Arthritis Str...

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My 15 yr old hound started limping on his front legs the other day. He's already getting stiff in the hind quarters altho' once we get going he moves well. A friend suggested Ascriptin that she'd used years ago on her large White Shepherd and it really helped. I found a bottle of the brand-name Ascriptin (500mg + Maalox) in my medicine chest but only 2 left and altho' it's old there's no funky smell. Gave one to Buster at night and the next morning he no longer limped and was seemingly restored! This bottle is label-dated 1993! but it seems to have worked anyway. I'm sure it's no longer made in this brand-name form so I'm opting for some 325mg. bufffered aspirin and hope it does as well. ## Hello, Vince! How is your pup? I'm glad that the medicati...

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where in albq m can i find ascriptin ## Hi Bill, From what I can tell, ascriptin is simply "buffered aspirin", and appears to be readily available over the counter as well as on the internet through a number of various retailers. So I don't see why you'd have any problem finding it at your local Walgreens, etc... other than the possibility of it being under a different brand name such as "Bufferin" instead of "Ascriptin" - though both are basically the same thing. Have you gone around to any pharmacies to check whether they have it in stock?

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Which drug store chains carry 325 mg Ascriptin? ## I'm sorry, Meteor, but unfortunately there is no central listing of what drug stores carry any given product or medication. The best suggestion I can make is that you ask the pharmacist at whichever one you usually use if they can order it in for you. Many of them are quite happy to do so for their regular customers. Ascriptin is an Aspirin that's buffered with Maalox to prevent the stomach damage that it can cause. Side effects may include dizziness, headache and increased risk of bleeding. Have you had problems with ulcers or excess stomach acid?

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What would be the best medicine to inhibit platelet aggregation? Is ascriptin ad a good option? ## Ascriptin AD contains Magnesium and Aspirin, the Aspirin can be used as a blood thinner, but it is not as potent and effective as the alternative prescription options. Learn more Aspirin details here. Learn more Magnesium details here. Has your doctor instructed you to take something to do this?

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