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Antibiotic information on Amoxicillin/Clavulanate Potassium

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Ok I know this is probably the wrong place to past this question and ask for answers. But I love to help people on this site and I am hoping some one on here will help me out. Here is the problem:

I went to the doctor yesterday and I got my Tetnus shot and i got a full blood panel done. The routine. I got my results back today and I am shocked and scared. In fact, I found this out 3 hours ago and I still feel numb and stupified. My enzyme levels in my liver are pretty high. Higher than they shoud be. And my doc wants me back in a month for a Hepatitis test. I am very concerned and I was wondering if there is anything that can cause enzyme leves to be high that doesnt involve Hep. or any other life threatening diseases.

I am in very much need of some help.

Thank you.

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Hi Randolf.

Since I really appreciate your help on here, you helped so many people when we were moving and I couldn't be online, I will gladly answer your question.

My husband runs into the same exact problem regularly and no, he does not have Hep or any other diseases. They have never been able to find a definitive cause.

They ran all the tests, including liver scans and functions tests, only to have everything come back normal with just elevated enzymes. The only thing they could say was that his liver was a little larger than normal size.

We have actually been through this same scenario several times.

Every time it has been the same thing.

So what they did was take him off most medications that were directly processed by his liver and replace then with ones that aren't.

They wait a few months and check again and everything is back to normal. So the only idea they could come up with was to check his enzyme levels at least once a year, just in case.

Our doctor has come to believe that elevated levels are just normal for some people and that the levels they call normal may apply to the larger amount of the population, but that there are a few exceptions.

My husband is also diabetic and they discovered this same thing about his blood sugar. If they tried to do tight control and get him down to normal levels, then he was far sicker than if he ran a little high. So they had to ease off and let him go at a little higher of a level and he had been fine ever since.

I was often wondering about this, since he had such problems if his sugar levels were down where they were considered normal, so I was not surprised a month ago when I read an article where they were doing a study of diabetics being kept under rigid control.

In this study, they discovered that it ended up being very dangerous for some of them to be forced to the normal levels, some people reacted so badly that it resulted in death.

So yes, while I am not a medical professional, I can tell you from what we have learned from our doctor and from experience that elevated enzymes levels do appear to be normal for some people.

If you have not been having any other symptoms or pain, then I suggest just relaxing and not worrying so much.

As we found after he went through all the tests and scans several times, elevated enzymes do not always mean something dangerous.

At first my husband was really worried as he used to work as a Nurse's Aide in an elderly care home and a hospital. So it was a huge relief for us to find out it was nothing.

Since we have moved, the last time he was in for an appointment in Feb. our doc just gave him copies of his most recent levels, that way he has them to show to a new doctor when we find one and they can keep an eye on the situation as well, just to be on the safe side.

Sorry this is so long, but I hope that maybe I have alleviated your fears at least a little.

And thanks again for your help on the site!

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Is amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate used for breast cysts? My doctor didn't want me to be aspirated and said I should take the med.

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Which is the best antibiotic and analgesic combination for a fever existing for more than 1 day, in which I have been treated with cefuroxime axetil? Will amoxicillin with clavulanate help?

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I had a sinusitis infection and was prescribed with amoxicillin clavunate but the side effects are way too strong. I'm a truck driver and it gives me dizziness and severe stomach pain and nausea as well as making me very sleepy. Can I switch to just regular amoxicillin?

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Re: Joe (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Joe. Sorry to hear about your situation. With regards to switching to plain Amoxicillin, I don't see why not... According to wikipedia, clavulanate (also known as clavulanic acid) is not particularly effective by itself as an antibiotic, so my thoughts are that it shouldn't take much away from Amoxicillin's efficacy by not having it present.

I've personally never taken the combination of Amoxicillin with clavulanate; only Amoxicillin by itself and never had any problems. So hopefully this does the trick for you.

Please post back if you have any updates down the road!

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Re: David (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Thank You David. I started on the Amoxicillin and have no side effects. It works better for me.

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