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Is it safe to use nebulized amikacin after the expiration date? My pharmacy sent me the amikacin a week before I needed it and now when I need to use it, it says it's expired. The pharmacy is closed for the weekend and I have no one to ask. My daughter has E.Coli colonized in her lungs and this is more for preventative use. ## The issue with expired liquid medications is that they may turn rancid, and it could become risky to use them. Thus, it is best not to use them once expired, unless your doctor specifically says it is okay to do so. How old is your daughter, and what has her doctor prescribed? Inhaled Amikacin can cause some serious issues, such as allergic lung reactions, coughing up blood, and worsening of existing lung conditions, so it shouldn't be used without a docto...

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I have a vial of B12 with expiration date of 4/2012, is it safe to still use it for injections ## I would of coarse never recommend taking expired "anything", but generally vitamins are still ok to use shortly after their expiration date, and if it's not as potent or effective, at least you'll know why. April was only two months ago, so I doubt that it will have lost much or any of its potency by now. I have some expired Vitamin C powder from Feb. 2012 and it still seems to serve its purpose well today. It may just be me, but I think the expiration date on vitamins isn't as accurate as we're lead to believe. From my perspective I think the quick expiration date on many products is just to get you to buy it more frequently than necessary. I hope my opinion helps! ...

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To treat cough fever with chills since 15 day and 8-10 pus cell in urin uti when dolo is given fever is normal for 4 hrs amikacin is given no result found now which is better to start monocef 1g morning evening or taxim az 200 please suggest the best medicine ## hands bones factuar skin damage iam us ing inj.taxim 1gr and tab. Monocef and tab metro this combination good are bad please help

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My mother s 53 year old,hv UTI problem last 8 months, and also kidney stone bcs of increasing uric acid. She takes amikacin injection for 15 days, then she feel relief for 1 month but urine infection started again so we r very tensed, pls give me a suggestion wht should I do?


After a 9 month course of IV Amikacin, I have lost almost all of my ability to hear. I was not only not alerted of this risk by my physician, I was told by him that my amikacin was not causing my gradual hearing loss. Finally, when my hearing was permanently & profoundly lost, they admitted the amikacin was the cause and immediately removed me from this medication. Would love to hear from anyone else with a similar story. ## My sister has lost her hearing due to taking IV amikacin. She is very frustrated and very depressed. We hope that some of her hearing will come back. Have you had any treatmrnt or do you know of any to help this hearing return? ## I'm a 14 year old boy who was on Amikacin for 10 months, at about 8 months of using it I started to notice gradual hearing loss. ...

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i have ut infection since last 60 days and recently under gone cystoscopy and uretridilation and advised niftais /uribid 100 mg tab 2 daily since last 15 days with 1 tab of tamflo .4mg daily. iam 74 yrs old lady ,diabetic & hypertensive and on medication since last 20 yrs.yesterday checked for urine routine and find still puss cells in plenty.this infection was noticed since last 2 yrs.i also took 10 doses of amikacin inj.600mg for 5 days.but pus cell still kidney size is ok but creatine increased to 2.2 from earlier 1.4 and now reads 1.57.there is traces of protein in urine(+).has my kidney been damaged and howlong it takes to remove the infection.even after dilatation unable to fully empty the bladder and have to urinate 3-4 times small quantys in the night