Amikacin Causes Hearing Loss


After a 9 month course of IV Amikacin, I have lost almost all of my ability to hear. I was not only not alerted of this risk by my physician, I was told by him that my amikacin was not causing my gradual hearing loss. Finally, when my hearing was permanently & profoundly lost, they admitted the amikacin was the cause and immediately removed me from this medication. Would love to hear from anyone else with a similar story.

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My sister has lost her hearing due to taking IV amikacin. She is very frustrated and very depressed. We hope that some of her hearing will come back. Have you had any treatmrnt or do you know of any to help this hearing return?

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I'm a 14 year old boy who was on Amikacin for 10 months, at about 8 months of using it I started to notice gradual hearing loss. I now have lost about 75% of my hearing caused by this medicine. I now have to have hearing aids for the rest of my life. I too, was not notified of these side effects. I also want everyone to know that ANY medicine that ends in "acin" will cause this and other problems.

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sorry to hear that , my dad had a same problem he lost hearing due amikacin and now he cant hear at all. i want to know what hearing aid you recommend will work best for this situation.

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I was on amikacin for 7 months, at the 7th month I notice I am having hearing loss, partially I lost hearing. So I stopped the amikacin. Insha Allah I am still luck, the doctor prescribeb me vitamin12 (Meccobia and neurobian forte). I am also listening Quran as it heals many problems. thanks

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