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Got my generic Xanax prescription filled (Alprazolam, 1 MG tabs) today. They are blister packed from India and are GREEN with no inscriptions on either side of the pill. Anyone familiar with these and are they common or do they seem to be safe?

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This is an issue that has come up a lot recently, I advise you to be very careful. Some of these companies from India are sending the same pills to everyone as whatever they are ordering.

There is no way to know for sure what they are, since they have no marking and are not from the U.S.

I sure hope you aren't out a lot of money for them, or perhaps you can get a refund?

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the blister pack itself, as opposed to the pill designates the medication as alprazolam and the manufacturer. the manufacturer has been doing business in india since 1990. i agree that the nature of the pharmaceutical industry requires a great deal of caution.

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I filled a prescription for generic alprazolam 1 mg from a US pharmacy, but was sent those same worthless green, Almee-1 pills from India. Mine are fake, and I am out $254.00. Yes, and it was in a sealed blister package, saying it was alprazolam. Be careful. These web-based pharmacies don't make enough money without scamming us too? I'm furious.

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You should try filling your Rx from the Argentina pharmacies. They're much better than the Indian ones.

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I filled a prescription for the generic 1mg almee-1 xanax. It took a month to get here and i have to admit i wasn't sure if they ripped me off. They were the green pills in the blister packs. I got on the internet and did some reading and just decided to take my prescribed dose to test them. And they were great and couldn't ask for more. The pharmacy name was jpee drugs but I'm happy.

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A 90 day supply of 1mg at any pharmacy is around $10

like other posters said some manufactors are producing less ineffective or using unapproved ingredeints, Ranbaxy out of India recently had their knuckles whacked by the FDA for lying about testing done on several medications please be careful

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Hello, I ordered from and I was sent the ALMEE-1 Green pills, in the blister packs. Didn't know what they were, although the back of the blister pack looks professional and legit and say's it's alprazolam. I Googled them and came to this board. After getting some reassurance that it's not a poison or anything, I took 2 of them, and I can feel a bit of a benzo-like mellow feeling, but kind of weak.

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Out of curiosity, did the original poster ever try them? If so, what did you think?

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Are there any legit pain patients who have noticed when their pain increases that your care depends upon the doctor's mood, the last 5 junkies that pissed him off before you came, the DEA and everything but you as the patient?
HAve any of you had to hit the street to get break through medicine you actually need and wish the doctor would just do their job? What do you do if your not an abuser of medicine and your pain is just gone up becasue you have conditions that warrant it. It's so expensive on the street. I read an article in the doctor's office that there is an epidemic of under treated and over treated pain patients. All i know is i had to hit the street just to be able to treat the pain and stop the weakness to walk.

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Be careful! I ordered Alprazolam 2mg on 12/4/09 through a site I can no longer access. I was able to track the order (approved) for a while on with my order number, and even received responses to my questions about how long it was taking, but I cannot seem to find the site anymore. Two days ago, I called one of the numbers (866) 644-9489 I saw on this site and the person said it was ready to be shipped and I should be receiving it by FedEx by today. Not received and that number plays a tune then cuts you off (tried 3-4 times). Most companies don't bill under the order is shipped. Since I was billed 12/4/09 FedEx would surely have gotten it to me by 1/15/10. I truly hope I will get my money back. Since the order was just over $225 my credit card company said they will reverse the charge, and remove the money from their account, apparently some company in Panama.

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I ordered and received some of the same, ALMEE-1 alprazolam one mg. I think they are fine, honestly. They aren't especially strong, but they do the job of a benzo with no adverse side effects. The annoying thing to me is that you can't break them into two pieces and just take half, I took a knife to mind and it didn't really break evenly.
You know, times are tough and you gotta to the best you can. I have had better and worse, and these are just fine with me. I think if you tell yourself something isn't going to work, your brain influences your body and it isn't as effective as it might be.
It was however, a bit expensive to pay 220 for 90 pills. Good luck to all!

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To Hope11 4: I just got through to at 1-866-946-2823. They said their system was down last week, so maybe you can try again. I also ordered the 2 mg Alprazolam, so we'll see. Haven't gotten it yet, but at least I spoke to a human.

[ Moderator's Note: As of 1/15/2010 9:31 PM USA Pacific Time the TrackRefills web site appears to be down, returning an Error # 65456665. Patients should always exercise caution when ordering medications from the internet. We are not affiliated with nor endorse any specific web sites which sell prescription drugs. ]

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I ordered from trackrefills on 12-28-09 and talked to someone on01-12-10, told I would have it in a week---- nothing yet. Can't get the web-site or through by phone.

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i ordered cialis through trackrefills on dec 26 and paid 109.00 and still have not recieved the pills and i try to call and i get this music before i am disconnected and have no way to get in touch with them i guess i got ripped off

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I ordered generic Xanax from TrackRefills in late December 2009. As yet, I have not received anything on the $229 order that has already been posted to my credit card. It feels like a scam to me. I have tracking numbers and a website that doesn't work. Not an encouraging sign.

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I ordered 30 1mg Alprazolam (generic xanax) 2 months ago. It took about a month (if they say total processing + shipping is 8-15 business days, it is more likely 15-25+ business days). Once I received it, they were labeled as Tranax-1 manufactured by Cipla. They were alright, but didn't have a kick. That is not to say they didn't get the job done--they did.

Anyway, I was content, so I ordered more. This time (from the same IOP), I received these JPEE Almee-1 pills. They are as described--green, round, small, very bitter. I was somewhat shocked, but after researching, I thought it safe to try one (my usual dose, when it's needed).

I started to feel it kind of late, but it worked; it was probably better than the Tranax-1's, but not totally better. I took another one (so 2mg, 1mg each hour for 2 hours), and after another hour (T+2:00), I was in a more recreational state---likely because I essentially doubled my dose, thinking it would really be less than doubled since I thougth both pills were, somehow, containing less Alprazolam than 1mg.

It turns out, this double dose was almost exactly like the first double dose I had a long while ago. Therefore, I would say that these pills are 1mg Alprazolam, or *very* close to 1mg.

That being said, my only experience with FDA-approved brand name Xanax was a few years ago, for about 2 months, while I was prescribed it. I haven't had any benzo type medication until these recent months. So my basis for judgement may be less than accurate.

However, IMHO, I would say that if you received these pills, give them a try. They seem to last longer on each of the come-up, plateau, and the come-down. Don't *think* they might be weak, because then you're brain will tell your body that it *is* weak, and your body will adjust as such (by inhibiting the uptake of that drug into the brain, or developing a natural, short-lived tolerance to the effect, while the effect should be taking it's course).

As Timothy Leary would have said: Open your mind to the possibilities of everything, of the eternity.

In this case, I suggest you open your mind to the fact that OIP's have a *huge* margin for profit. It is not in their best interest to scam people, since those victims would then share their feelings on websites such as this, and other of their potential customers would find that feedback, and dismiss that company. They don't want that to happen. Granted, they are sometimes HORRIBLE in the way of customer service/satisfaction and just general handling of the customers main concerns.

I think the real issue is simply: whether or not a given pill is as it's advertised, or is it not at all what was advertised. A legitimate IOP would not send you fakes. They have much more to gain, and less to risk, if they are legitimate. If an IOP is a scammer, then it sucks, because they are getting the short end of the stick, so to speak, among IOP's.

Anyway, that's my rant. I hope the things I wrote here help others to make their own decisions about IOP safety and suitability.

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What was that website u ordered those tranax from? Email me.


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Hey I ordered from the web and they came through they do have greenstone and phizer xanax but they're outta stock, I got a generic called alltop and they were weak so I called and complained and they are shipping me 30 more from a diff brand called almee-1 and I've heard good things about it so good luck but npdrugs is legit it takes about a week and a half but you'll get them

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Hey Everyone I am knew to this board and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on a safe and trustworthy pharmacy were I can purchase Xanax. I have a legal prescription to the 2mg pills but I really have found that the generics like xanor brand alprazolam and also Gador brands work so much better I would really appreciate it if anyone could refer me to a good website to purchase generic brands like that, so if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate

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i took a legit prescription to the pharmacy for 1mg of xanax. they are green oblong with score just like the blue i usually get. just a little worried cuz they are green says mfg is stada? are they okay?

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Re: Alex (# 123) Expand Referenced Message

That person posted 14 years ago. If you want Xanax, you need to go to a Medical Doctor. Do not consider illicit Xanax, or Xanax that comes in strips as almee did

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Re: almee-1good for me (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I am trying to fill a prescription for Almee and cant find it anymore. Do you still get them?

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Re: Linda (# 121) Expand Referenced Message

Why not order where I order, Rite Aid? Here is all the info you need to know to get these today!


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Re: almee-1good for me (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I need 2 mg of alprazolam, and I know what they taste like and how they work. So please give me information on where to fill my script.

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In search of one or two mg Xanax or generic alprazolam. And if it was manufactured in India that's fine. If it's in the United States that's fine. I just need my medication because of extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I need information please where I can fill an rx.

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Re: Didi (# 118) Expand Referenced Message

So you are advocating breaking Federal Law to order dangerous and possibly deadly Internet medicine? You are nothing less than a moron

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You guys should get your rx filed from internet pharmacies. Still a lil pricey but they have better strength. Just make sure where get them filled has a lot of good reviews. My stuff usually comes in 7 or less days.

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I have taken those many times. They are legit, and a little weaker than US brands.

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That brand from India is so very weak, I wouldn't waste my money on it again! What a waste. I was promised good quality, they lied!

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Are the 2 mg Almee Xanax really good quality? I have never heard of this brand until yesterday. Any help would be great! Thanks much.

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