Alprazolam 2mg That Are Not Real


I have recently refilled my prescription and it with Bright Yellow Xanax Bars with the imprint of R039 on them BUT they just don't seem right! I have never seen a xanax 2mg bar that was as bright yellow as these and they don't taste right either! Xanax has a very distinctive taste to them no matter what brand they might be or wether they are generic or not! In my experience, they have ALL tasted the same and as I already stated, I have never seen them quite this bright of a yellow color! I honestly believe they are fake because they did NOT have any where close to the effect that Xanax has upon me, in fact, they had NO effect AT ALL! i just put this out there to see if ANYONE has had a similar experience! Thank You

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i have had the same problems yesterday, They were brighty yellow bars wit r039 on them. And then broke them in half and let one melt in my mouth and it kinda tasted liek chalk butt then a little bitter flavor, but after all i took 5 bars (suppossivly 2mg Xanax). But the other Suspisious thing was that the R of the pill wasnt scripted or ribboned or how ever you wanna call it, you know?. and today i remmebr everything un like sometimes lol.I think that they were broken up n cut and repressed b.c might of felt alittle something but thaats not gaurnteed.

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The ones with the ro39 are the actual brand I used to get them from my doc. But anyone can make and imprint any pill

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The only honest/safe way to tell that you received a real pill is to go through your doctor and a licensed pharmacy. As Chelsea stated, anyone can make and imprint any pill. So even if there weren't any discrepancies in the color/taste, you could still very well be ingesting poison for all we know. People are dropping like flies all over the US from laced counterfeits and overly potent illicit drugs.

Even though that might not have been the case here, personally, I don't think the risk is worth it. Hopefully coming across those fake pills were a good lesson to play it safe. I apologize if this offends anyone, but sometimes the path of least resistance is finding an alternative treatment for your anxiety. At least one where you don't put your life on the line at every dose.

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I have had a similar expierence they were a bright or even a darker yellow then normal. They burned like hell after tasting one thru the nose to just try for a quicker result and burned like no other I've ever done and i had no effects and was definitely fake. In my opinion of course just wanted to share also

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They are all fake. I go to Mexico and have only received the real thing once. Roche Valium. I took 20 mg non/generic to prove my point. The Ritalin works too but it's so expensive going to a US doctor. There are thieves in Mexico and they make me sick. I carried gun (no bullets) to get every bit of my money back.

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Oh yes when traveling into Mexico to import your illegal medicine always carry a gun with you. You will enjoy getting boned in the butt by your cell mates, they will enjoy it as well

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Oh, you mean like just getting a Doctor to prescribe what you need?

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Yes this is unfortunately true especially since past around the year 2003. The pharmacias, in all of the tourist resorts, I have personally traveled to and bought directly from pharmacias OTC in Los Cabos, in Cabo San Lucas, in Puerto Vallarta, in Cancun, in, Cozumel, in Playa del Carmen, in Acapulco, and all Groupo III and Groupo II meds in the 2007 PLM and forward (PDR of Mexico) were counterfeit, HOWEVER, I finally got wise, I stayed in a minimum 4 star or a 5 star post resort, of opulence and grandeur, and, these resorts, also in Los Cabos, and also in Puerto Vallarta, have house MD's with offices for the guests, of these hotels that charge $300.00 to $500.00 per night for ocean view rooms, and, I have obtained, the real Roche Valium, in a 10 minute office visit to a bilingual latin MD, for US $100.00 cash or on Am EX, and, had the MD FAX the 90 ten mg Roche Valium to the target specific pharmacy (the M.D's in Mexico know of the few rare honest ones, in the resort towns, and, they fax the script for meds like Tafil (Mexican Xanax) or Roche
Valium., or Roche 2 mg Rivotril (Clonazepam) and it is delivered to your hotel room by a bonded licensed courier to the lobby of your hotel, name purposely withheld, and, in Mexico, GruopIII and Gruupo II meds come in boxes of blister packs that are all holiogrammed "triple holiogramed" with Roche Tape, or Pfizer Tape, with control numbers, and good expiration dates with a prescription and a toll free number to call the PR dept of the mfg in Mexico to verify if the serial numbers are real and yes, they are the real deals, but are not free.

Twice in 2014, and 2015 I got 90 x 10 mg of Roche Valium 10mg for US 82.00., vs., a retail price, in 2009 of around US $450.00 in the year 2009 for 90 Roche Valiums in the SE USA plus paying for a expensive visit to a USA Psychiatrist! Alprazolam and Clonazepam are cheap in Mexico by brand name but one must have a Latin Prescription and must have the reputation of a international 4 or 5 star hotel chain to make sure the USA customer is not upset, and reports a bad rip off to Trip Advisor! It is all about the money. Bring your USA bottles of meds you take in USA, for re-entry back into USA or if you forget, mail your "documents" of a few dozen rattle proof with DHL Express or Fed EX and you will be just fine. Note: Narcotics are no longer available due to newer Mexican laws, only in 3 target specific hospitals with target specific licensed Mexican surgeons, so forget about the any narcotics (pain meds). Same thing can be done in St Maarten, in the Dutch West Indies, I did that with 3 MD's over two days and got a 90 day supply of benzodiazepines all imported of course from the Netherlands, the MD's are all like the 1960's show Dr Welby, or Chad Everett on Medical Center TV, all you need is a local prescription. Winter of 2016. Again no Oxycodone and just like in Mexico "no Roofies"(Flunitrazepam) those days have been gone with the wind for the past 15 years now. Remember the key is to bring your medical records, (I never really needed them, but bring them for Customs agents), and remember to always stay in high status hotel spa high roller resorts. Never go to border towns in Mexico, for that country, those days like in the 1990's are mostly gone with the wind. Smugglers with expert embossment soft meds have flooded the market and the USA retirees can no longer drive to Nogales, MX to Toronto, in Canada to get cheaper quality meds like in the Reagan years and Clinton years!

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So you're saying Walgreens is safe? How do they know if their products are real? Do they analyze the product before putting it up for prescription fills? That's what worries me! Especially when your own dr yells you he doesn't know if they're the real deal anymore these days. He told me you work in medical, take a drug panel on yourself or draw blood to analyze the contents...but now I'm scared. Can Walgreens and cvs and all these other well known places get counterfeit xanax? This is getting scary! I have a family. I don't want to die!!! Do you know?

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@Ridgerunner, while your post is detailed and makes sense, please be aware that you are only allowed to bring a 90 day supply of this medicine across Federal borders

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Kan, Walgreens and CVS are safe. Is it possible that they might get fake meds sold to them, sure. Do you know of an instance?

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Inquiry ... can a pharmacist dispense fake drugs ? I don’t think they can.

You must have gotten generic which differentiates 40-60% from the brand in regards to the ingredients which makes them feel like “nothing” lacking the ingredients makes them less if not at all effective. Never believe the lies that they are the “same”

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No, your pharmacy can not give you fake medicine.

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We have to know what pharmacy sells counterfeit rx or products. Let’s get specifics and address the issue


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So here’s the deal. The pharmacist cannot prescribe you fake medication. If your doctor did prescribe a placebo in confidentiality the pharmacist would always honor the doctors request. Always discuss your suspicions with a physician first.

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Re: Roche Valium (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

We at Roach, do not make nor ever have made a Valium tablet
Thank you
CEO Mr Roach

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You should discuss your uncertainties with your doctor directly. Unless a placebo is prescribed your pharmacist cannot fake a prescription. Switch your pharmacy and see what happens.

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I am writing on behalf of MR. Roach:

Roach Valium

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Ive seen yellow xanax bars. We used to call them "school busses". And they were good, but that was a long time ago b4 u had to worry about pressed pills.

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