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I've been using Activella for probably 10 years. I started when I was 50 having gone through menopause, enjoying the crying, trying to bite family members heads off, and of course the ever popular hot flashes. My gyno suggested I try Activella and that it is safe. I am non smoker, mostly healthy. It helped me tremendously! I do get a lot of slack from friends and people who know everything. Every year when I go for my physical, I question my doctor on the safety of using this medication, and every year he assures me that it is safe and as long as it is helping you, to continue. I tried not taking it for few months and the old symptoms returned, so I'm back on it. Hope he was right! ## Activella does contain hormones, Estradiol and Norethindrone, so it is still a hormone replacem...

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I have vaginal dryness. I tried activella, which caused problems. I also used an estring before and it was very effective. However, my new dr. said it's not safe. Is this true? I really liked the estring. ## Your doctor can help you decide what is best for you. KY makes several different types of lubricant that work very well and they can be purchased at most drug stores. ## My doctor recommended Astroglide which works much better and for longer than the KY products. You can find it at most drug and discount stores. ## I am experiencing vaginal dryness which makes intercourse very painful. Can someone recommend a topical or prescription solution?

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I found a pill in my bathroom that doesn't belong to me or my family. It is marked Novo 278 on one side with no marking on the other. Can you identify it? ## This is a medication called Activella, it is usually used as a form of hormone replacement therapy, for women going through menopause, but may also be used to treat other problems caused by a hormonal imabalance. Are there any other questions or comments? ## It is Vagifem. ## It is Vagifem. I take it. The other day I found a pill lying on the floor and couldn't figure out what it was. Well, Vagifem is a vaginal suppository/pill. It is inserted with a blue dispenser. Somehow, the pill separated from the dispenser before going where it should. ## OMG! That is too funny ....the same thing happened to me. I said this is so weir...

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Just started taking activella, I am 43 and having night sweats and moodiness. Can anyone tell me if they were this young when needing on hrt, and did they have a period while on it? ## It hasn't happened to me personally, but I do know of it happening to people that young and it is well-known in the medical community. There is no hard and fast rule for when any women will enter menopause or the preliminary stages of it. And you can also still have periods while going through it and being on the hormone therapy, though they may be irregular and may stop altogether. Do you have any other questions?

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