10 Mg Dextroamphetamine (zenzedi/wilshire) Drama


well, I went off Mallinckrodt after being back on that for awhile at 80 mg and I had to go on the hunt again. Well there is a brand called Zenzedi that has the same 10 mg tablet as wilshire and i find those to last a little longer... not as much mentally hardcore in the focus area but at least the urge to pig out hits every 3.5-4 hours vs 2... They all beat the rest away (vyvanse, dex spansule, adderall, ritalin....) Now they need to go to a higher dose because 180-270 pills depending on the brand per month is nuts. And I respect that long acting generation and that it helps but don't think all of us on them are crackheads.

Speaking of which, I used to get the brand name 5 mg ones 420 per month during the adderall boom and they were $37 at my pharmacy.... lay off the prices. These are all that work for some of us.

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Hi Mat,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on the different types of amphetamine pills. I personally haven't used this medication before, but was wondering out of curiosity, what makes the Zenzedi (dextroamphetamine sulfate) tablets any better than the dex spansule and adderall on the drug list that you mentioned? Like do the extended-release versions of those medications not compare to the lasting effects of Zenzedi?

To my understanding, Dextroamphetamine is also the same ingredient found in Dexedrine Spansule as well as one of the ingredients in Adderall, so it wasn't entirely clear to me how it could work any better than another version of the same medication.

I supposed it really comes down to the list of inactive ingredients found in each brand name. Often times manufacturers use the cheaper binders and fillers (i.e. corn starch, propylene glycol, dye, etc...) to help save a buck; but those can also have a significant effect on the overall efficacy of the drug itself.

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Zenzedi by arbor pharmaceuticals are the best. Arbor also has to great patient assistance programs. Go to their website and check it out.

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News Flash Wilshire is Arbor's generic company.... It's a complete scam they are the absolute exact same pill just comes to the pharmacy in a bottle that reads Wilshire not Arbor....

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Adderall is a mix of dextroamphetamine salts.
For example typical combination the falling salts plus binders and fillers:
amphetamine aspartate monohydrate (25%) stimulant
amphetamine sulfate (25%) stimulant
dextroamphetamine saccharate (25%) stimulant
dextroamphetamine sulfate (25%) stimulant <
On the other hand Dextroamphetamine is just Dextroamphetamine plus binders and fillers, also referred to as Dexidrine.

Each manufacturer uses different binders and fillers which (despite their claims to the contrary) can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the drug(s).

I have chronic AADD (adult attention deficit disorder - a lot of words to describe a group of symptoms). I have 14 years of experience with the various compounds and manufactures. Zenzedi is a manufacturer of dextroamphetamine tablets.
I personally rank effectiveness by manufacturer as follows.
3.Everybody else except Wilshire.
5. Wilshire ... binders or fillers almost neutralize effectiveness for me.

I think capsule "long lasting" are an expensive bad joke.
I have found a combination of Adderall and dextroamphetamine to be the most effective. (1 Adderall 30mg with 3-4 5mg Dextroamphetamine) 3x's a day works almost perfect for me and has for several years.

Stay away from Wilshire brand - a waste of money and time. Stay far far away from Lithium for a number of reasons.
Barr is still #1 IMHO.

As with all medication you are the only one who really knows how it is working for you. ... Good luck

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Hi TheDeal ... Have you actually taken Wiloshire? What a joke, might as well be taking asprin. Zenzedi seems slightly weaker then TEVA/BARR but in a whole other league from that junk Wilshire pushes ... I actually took my second script of Wilshire to my dr. and had her write a new one which I took to Walgreens (BARR). Walgreens is currently the cheapest in this town (cash pay) with coupon.

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You must have some kind of placebo effect.. Arbor Zenzedi and Wilshire is exactly the same come off same production line absolutely NO DIFFERENCE... Zenzedi just comes in different doses as well as the 5mg and 10mg... 2.5,7.5,15, 20 & 30

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Adderal is the Dextro an Levo so the racemate mix version dexidrine is the good ingredient the right sided an left sided isomers are diff Levo effects more. Your central nervous system and norepinephrine bread extra affects more of that pleasure center like dopamine and serotonin Dextroamphetamine is where it's at I'm about to try the rolls Royce ADHD med an ask for desoxn if the methamphetamine abusers have not ruined it but it's never been a big drug in my state like out west

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Ingredients of several stimulant medications discussed in this forum from the Physicians Desk Reference. 61st EDT. Dexedrine Spansule Brand Name Sustained Release Tapered End Capsule: Inactive ingredients: cetyl alcohol, dibutyl sebacate, ethylcellulose, aluminum lake, gelatin, hypromellose, proplene glycol, providone,silicon dioxide, sodium laurel sufate, sugar spheres, + 5 color dyes. "This is the inactive ingredient for the brand name product that Smith Kline French, a/k/a Smith Kline Beecham, a/k/a Glaxo Smith Kline, sold, in the Fall Quarter of 2010, their patent license, that, was registered in 1952, for Amedra Pharma, to duplicate exactly the brand name, formerly Cardinal Health, of Winchester, Kentucky, were contracted to produce for GSK thru 12/31/10. Amedra Inc now has CorePharmaLLC 215 Wood Avenue, Middlesex NJ 08846 to duplicate this patented product. The Average Wholesale Price indeed, has risen since 2010 from $330.82 for ninety 15 mg Spansules, to a average selling price, on March 5, 2016 between two (2)national pharmacy chains (Rite Aid drugstores, and, CVS drugstores, to approximately, $17.67 per Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg size, based on a nationally advertised "RX Coupon discounts" again as of Mar 5, 2016 for thirty (30) Spansules.

Sources: REDBOOK Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference 114th edition, page 366. NDC # 00007-3514-59 linked to the Glaxo Smith Kline registered NDC code with a FDA Orange Book Rating of AB, which is 2nd place out of 18 ratings (FDA). The pattern is for the RX coupon price, to adjust slightly in the customers favor, for a larger quantity of Dexedrine Spansule Brand Name product. RX savings cards are also compatible at least 1/2 dozen or more, national or regional chain pharmacies, each with a one time separate coupon discount codes, the example given are two of the lower prices out of about a list of nearly 10 choices of competitors in the USA. Prices subject to change, and often do from weekly to monthly, no set schedule. This is just my opinion, from data, from Physicians Desk Reference, and, by Redbook, published by PDR Network and caution, this is not the most recent edition of Redbook, no longer published in textbook version, but, only available now, up to date, on the internet by a paid subscription only. Publication dates Redbook 2010, and, PDR 65th edition for year 2011. IMHO I count approximately eleven inactive binders and fillers in the original formula, plus the color dyes. Thus IMHO it appears a price increase of AWP $3.67 to a discounted internet coupon price nearly five fold increase... as the public outcry on this forum, is in print, since 2012 to 2016? I've never seen the product anywhere I shop in over five (5) years.... Southeastern USA.

Prior to the December 31, 2008 acquisition of Barr Labs, of Pamona NY 10970, "Adderall" inactive ingredients, for the instant release, tablets, were Lacititol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Sterate. plus other color dyes. Barr Labs previously had, DSM Pharma, Inc. 5900 NW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 27834 manufacturing the Adderall in its instant release versions, source from Leaflet from March 2007 original mfg pharmacy bottle. When Teva took over, in 2009, or later, the pharmacy bottle states, NDC code 0555-0972-02 for 100 tablets of the ten mg blue tabs, manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc Sellersville, PA 18960 Pharmacy bottle expiration date November 2014. The active ingredients have been omitted on both Dexedrine Spansules, and the Mixed Amphetamine Salts of the 4 types of amphetamines for Adderall I/R. 100 ten mg Teva/Barr tablets Average Wholesale Price, page 214 from REDBOOK was $137.16 US for NDC code 00555-0972-02. This is the most recent information I can gather, and, it is now likely antiquated due to the age of the source. Redbook 2010 ISBN 978-56363-751-3 Therefore, it seems futile to quote any more prices, of, such products, as Adderall XR, or of any newer products released since 2010 in the product line of dextroamphetamine sulfate instant release. (Aurobindo, Wilshire, Teva/Barr, Core, Mallinckrodt) The average wholesale price in the newer editions of REDBOOK is privileged information, and, only available to subscribers of that web-based service, (which has increased from 2010 $76.95 US to in excess of over $1,000.00 per year), I was informed by PDR Network and, the distributor, Thomson Reuters Healthcare Inc. Montvale, NJ 07645.

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You can also get a WEALTH of information from the Orange Book from the FDA. Sounds like the Red Book was developed based on the Orange Book.


Oh yeah, Orange Book is FREE!

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Just wondering about the various generic forms of dextroamphetamine. After many years and prescriptions all across the stimulant spectrum, I have found the teva/barr version to be chock full of peripheral effects with little benefit. Mallinckrodt I like, but it's hard to find. Anyone have any experience with the KVK Tech generic dexis? I've found very little about them online.

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I just got this brand. I hate it! It makes me feel wired and annoyed and just awful. I wonder if I could get another prescription...insurance probably won't pay.

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I've been taking KVK Tech's 10mg dextroamphetamine, I'm prescribed Dexedrine, and they are absolutely horrible! For so long Walgreens carried Barr but for some ridiculous reason they have switched to KVK Tech. I take them for a severe sleeping disorder and honestly, drinking a Pepsi does more for me than these garbage ass pills. I get my script filled again tomorrow and I will not be going to Walgreens. Does anyone know if Walmart still carries Barr or have they lost their minds too?

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Wilshire has to be the best generic I've found to date, I just recently switched and honestly I don't know what company made my last medication but they had horrid side effects. I was literally battling side effects the entire 6 months I was on them.. Until I switched to Wilshire! It's really as if I'm taking a whole different medication, the one I was intended to take. My focus is better, the comedown is smoother and the best part is I don't feel overwhelmed by anxiety and stress my last meds made me feel. Wilshire is easily worth looking for :)

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Unfortunately, the stores buy whatever drug is CHEAPEST! (they don't check efficiency of the drug)...

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BTW the main submitter of this died while high on dexedrine, it was a 300mg+ dose though. Goes to show not all medication is good for you especially in high amounts like he took that day.

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Well, No Duh...Extremely high amounts of anything are not good-ESP any drug!! Him taking 300 mg (!!!) of Dex is like insufflating an 8-ball & then expecting to live thru it... So sad that some mis-use a drug that actually really helps us w/ ADD! I'm sorry about ur friend but it's really sad that he took others lives too... :(

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I don't think it is fair to blame the drug for something like that. That elicits an unnecessary and illogical fear of the drug. A drug that when taken with common sense, and to be honest even without, is not something to be feared. Disastrous results are known to follow absurdly large doses of many different drugs and substances, not just dextroamphetamine sulfate.

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Re: James B (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Hi James, I know this is an old post but I’m curious to know which pharmacies carry the Mikart/Wilshire generics? I’d like to try ZENZEDI but my insurance won’t cover it. The Corpharma dextroamphetamine worked best for me...but were discontinued over a year ago.

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Re: alsjglskdjg (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I know this post is old but reading your reply made me reread it again to make sure I did read it correctly. I'm sorry you went thru such a tragedy. It's a very sad & scary situation. We should all learn from these sad stories with sad endings.

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Re: alsjglskdjg (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I suspect that your message is total nonsense and that you didn't even know the original poster. This site allows everyone to post anonymously so come to think of it there's no way you could actually know who the original poster is. I call BS.

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Re: James B (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I like Wilshire as well. Plus i just got my ten day supply which should equal out to forty ten milligram tablets. But there are sixty ten milligram tablets. Even the bottle says forty under quantity. Ive counted the five separate times

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Re: Dexidrained (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Kvk are good in my opinion a little speedy though

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Dextroamphetamine sulfate is all d-amphetamine. It has clean, exact effects for people with strong ADHD and/or Narcolepsy. Used adderall since it was developed and Ritalin before that. Over 4 decades and after getting so many crazy variations and brands of generic adderall (mixed amp salts), which almost ended my life… some had no active, some had 30%, some had full strength but not the ratios. After switching back to Dex again - I’ve improved in every way. I can go grocery shopping and to movies; train at the gym and eat well. It’s better on my mind and doesn’t even affect my body or heart like Adderall did. 117/65 45min after taking (over 20 tests).

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Re: TheDeal (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Arbor’s - Zenzedi 30mg cost is outrageous for my 180 tabs 90day Rx so I looked up on FDA website NDC # - 52536-530-03, made by Wilshire Pharmaceuticals Inc (same company makes the Zenzedi®?)

Wilshire Pharma has FDA APPROVAL for the generic 10mg, 20mg,and 30mg Rx labels - posted August 6, 2021 on DailyMed.

They are clearly taking part in illegal financial strategy. They are worried about their stockholders but, they should be worried about the Class Action Lawsuit and the Bad Press. They are literally withholding production, the raw API price has gone down by over 90% since 2013. They also have had the FDA help stop all the India Generic versions besides a few 5 & 10mg tabs. They definitely are hurting and ruining lives of the mentally ill , the afflicted children - adults with ADHD, Narcolepsy.

Just information (not factual, lol)??

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Re: Liqpluspatchanstick (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

This makes no sense.

There is vague truth in this word salad. The word is racemic.... A dextroamphetamine is D-Amphetamine, while 25% of Adderall is L-Amphetamine, comprised of saccharate, and others. D and L amphetamine as chemical compounds are mirrors images of each other, and have different impact on dopamine and norepinephrine. Catecholamines are NEUROTRANSMITTERS. SPECIFICALLY.... epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and dopamine. These neurotransmitters impact the central and peripheral nervous systems and hence your Physical energy and mental focus. It's complicated biochemistry/Neuro-endocrinological science that isn't easily understood or explained :-0


Amphetamine: Differentiation by d and l Isomers of Behavior Involving Brain Norepinephrine or Dopamine

Wikipedia is also helpful. But it's complex

This isn't about euphoria and getting high!

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Re: Dexidrained (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy changed to Malinckrodt without warning, and I had taken Aurobindo for years. Malinckrodt makes me irritable, angry and unproductive. I found a local place that only uses Teva, so I'm driving 20 miles to get that and I hope it's more like Aurobindo. Zenzedi is extremely expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it.

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