Active Ingredient(s): Desonide
FDA Approved: * September 19, 2006
Pharm Company: * CONNETICS
Category: Skin Care

Desonide (INN) is a low-potency topical corticosteroid anti-inflammatory that has been available since the 1970s. It is primarily used to treat atopic dermatitis (eczema), seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and psoriasis in both adults and children. It has a fairly good safety profile[1] and is available as a cream, ointment, lotion, and as a foam under the tradename Verdeso Foam. Other trade names for creams, lotions, and ointments include Tridesilon, DesOwen, Desonat... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Verdeso .5 mg/g Topical Aerosol, Foam
NDC: 16110-111
Aqua Pharmaceuticals
Verdeso .5 mg/g Topical Aerosol, Foam
NDC: 63032-111
Stiefel Laboratories Inc

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