Active Ingredient(s): Sodium Phenylbutyrate
FDA Approved: * June 17, 2022
Pharm Company: * MEDUNIK
Category: Hyperammonemia

Sodium phenylbutyrate is a salt of an aromatic fatty acid, 4-phenylbutyrate (4-PBA) or 4-phenylbutyric acid.[2] The compound is used to treat urea cycle disorders, because its metabolites offer an alternative pathway to the urea cycle to allow excretion of excess nitrogen.[3][4] It is an orphan drug, marketed by Ucyclyd Pharma under the trade name Buphenyl, by Swedish Orphan International (Sweden) as Ammonaps, aby Fyrlklövern Scandinavia as... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

PheburanePheburane Kit
NDC: 71770-200
Medunik USA
Pheburane 483 mg/g Oral Pellet
NDC: 71770-210
Medunik USA

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