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Orciprenaline, also known as metaproterenol, is a bronchodilator used in the treatment of asthma.[1][2] Orciprenaline is a moderately selective β2 adrenergic receptor agonist that stimulates receptors of the smooth muscle in the lungs, uterus, and vasculature supplying skeletal muscle, with minimal or no effect on α adrenergic receptors. The pharmacologic effects of β adrenergic agonist drugs, such as orciprenaline, are at least in part attributa... [wikipedia]

Dosage List

Metaproterenol Sulfate 10 mg Oral Tablet
NDC: 49884-258
Par Pharmaceutical Inc
Metaproterenol Sulfate 20 mg Oral Tablet
NDC: 49884-259
Par Pharmaceutical Inc

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