Factor IX Concentrates

Category: Blood Clotting (Hemostasis)

1CFH, 1CFI, 1EDM, 1IXA, 1MGX, 1NL0, 1RFN, 2WPH, 2WPI, 2WPJ, 2WPK, 2WPL, 2WPM, 3KCG, 3LC3, 3LC5, 4YZU, 4Z0K, 4ZAE, 4WM0, 4WMA, 4WMI, 4WMK, 4WN2, 4WNH, 5EGM, 5JBC, 5JB9, 5JBB, 5JB8, 5JBAIdentifiersAliasesF9, F9 p22, FIX, HEMB, P19, PTC, THPH8, coagulation factor IX, Blood coagulation factor IX, Christmas FactorExternal IDsOMIM: 300746 MGI: 88384 HomoloGene: 106 GeneCards: F9 Gene location (Human)Chr.X chromosome (human)[1]BandXq27.1Start139,530,739 bp[1]End139,56... [wikipedia]

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