Active Ingredient(s): Calcitonin
FDA Approved: * April 17, 1978
Pharm Company: * SANOFI AVENTIS US
Category: Osteoporosis

2JXZ,%%s1LS7IdentifiersAliasesCALCA, CALC1, CGRP, CGRP-I, CGRP1, CT, KC, PCT, calcitonin related polypeptide alpha, CGRP-alphaExternal IDsOMIM: 114130 HomoloGene: 88401 GeneCards: CALCA Gene location (Human)Chr.Chromosome 11 (human)[1]Band11p15.2Start14,966,668 bp[1]End14,972,351 bp[1]RNA expression patternBgeeTop expressed in spinal ganglia trigeminal ganglion kidney quadriceps femoris muscle vastus lateralis muscle cerebellar vermis islet of ... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

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