Active Ingredient(s): Tuberculin Purified Protein Derivative, PPD
Category: Diagnostic Aid

The tine test is a multiple-puncture tuberculin skin test used to aid in the medical diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). The tine test is similar to the Heaf test, although the Mantoux test is usually used instead. There are multiple forms of the tine tests which usually fall into two categories: the old tine test (OT) and the purified protein derivative (PPD) tine test. Common brand names of the test include Aplisol, Aplitest, Tuberculin PPD TINE TEST, and Tubersol.[1] Content... [wikipedia]

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Dosage List

Aplisol 5 [iu]/.1ml Intradermal Injection
NDC: 42023-104
Jhp Pharmaceuticals LLC
Aplisol 5 [Iu]/.1ml Intradermal Injection
NDC: 50090-1336
A-s Medication Solutions
Aplisol 5 [Iu]/.1ml Intradermal Injection
NDC: 52125-786
Remedyrepack Inc.
Aplisol 5 [Iu]/.1ml Intradermal Injection
NDC: 64725-0104
Tya Pharmaceuticals

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