Active Ingredient(s): Retapamulin
FDA Approved: * April 12, 2007
Pharm Company: * GLAXO GRP LTD
Category: Antibiotics

Retapamulin is a topical antibiotic developed by GlaxoSmithKline. It is the first drug in the new class of pleuromutilin antibiotics to be approved for human use. It is marketed as an ointment under the brand names Altabax and Altargo. Retapamulin was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in April 2007 for the treatment of bacterial skin infections such as impetigo. In May 2007, retapamulin received approval in the EU from the European Medicines Agency for the same indi... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Altabax 10 mg/g Topical Ointment
NDC: 0007-5180
Glaxosmithkline LLC
Altabax 10 mg Topical Ointment
NDC: 16110-518
Aqua Pharmaceuticals
Altabax 10 mg/g Topical Ointment
NDC: 21695-644
Rebel Distributors Corp.
Altabax 10 mg/g Topical Ointment
NDC: 54868-6096
Physicians Total Care, Inc.