Yellow Capsule With Chinese Writing


i found a yellow or gold like capsule with tan or light black writting on it. It was in a clear plastic capsule to protect it. I have no idea what it is. Please help me.

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Hi Sandie,

Just out of curiosity, whereabouts did you find this yellow capsule? From what I've seen online, it sounds like it could literally be anything from an herbal supplement to an illicit drug, such as molly... but without an imprint it's difficult to say for sure.

If there is anyway you can identify the type of chinese character symbol that is being represented on the capsule, I think that can at least help get us looking in the right direction as far as research goes.

Does anyone else here recognize this kind of pill?

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I found 2 in a tear away foil (like you would find pseudophedrine etc).

Top half is a non translucent taupe-pink/orange, very subtle, and reads:

CONTAC 182 (symbol - square within a square)

*the "8" is a rectangle, with a divider line in the a widow that slides up and down*

Bottom half is clear w/o writing and filled w what looks about 80% orange dots (like XR amphetamine salts) and 20% white dots. Appears time-released.

Back of the package has Asian symbols which I can't make heads or tails has a few things in English, like the number 2 after a symbol and some dots, and says "PVC" elsewhere.

I can take a pic if this site allows uploads....

I found these pills in a restaurant 1-2 years ago, put them in a drawer and just came across them again while I was cleaning. I was unable to find out what they were the other year.

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I recently found one in my husbands pocket. He maintains that it is an energy pill for workouts but only search results have yielded libido-enhancing pill results... #hmmm

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Okay, figured it least what mine is. It's a chinese flu/cold/congestion 12hr time release. recommended adult dosage is 1-2 capsules every 12 hours depending on what strength you have Think of it like a xr pseudophedrine, with a little less US restrictions. Here's a link to a picture of the outside of the box, best pictorial representation I could find:

They come in different mg's and strengths, so the color, markings, capsule, and insides will be slightly different depending on which you have.

So it's an upper, intended to be taken when sick/congested/allergies/etc.....

~Curious too~
So by it's nature, it will increase energy for workouts as well as libido...but exercising on it wouldn't be advised as part of the normal routine. Pseudophedrine and ephedrine can cause a temporary insulin insensitivity (can't absorb the nutrients from food as well) as well as an increased heart rate, blood pressure and decrease in appetite and temporarily artificially increases your metabolism (which is bad for it because it skews the body's A and B baseline, and could lead to a slowed metabolism if usage is prolonged or consistent).

I've seen women take it to lose weight in the short run, like cigarettes or crack (read: not a healthy nor advised way to lose weight); in terms working out, it puts more strain on your cardiovascular system and people w any heart conditions really shouldn't be taking an upper and working out unless directly told to do so from their main physician.

Hope that helps, and that my picture matches what people were trying to describe

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It is a libido enhancing pill for men. I found one in my man's pants with paper.

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My 18 year old son brought one home last night and claimed it to be a Chinese libido enhancement pill. I'm highly concerned because with so many lab created drugs on the streets these days, i'm afraid it could be something that can kill my son. It is a deep yellow capsule with black Chinese writing on it and it's encased in a clear hard plastic capsule shaped casing. I looked it up and online it says it's called gold Viagra. I seized this pill due to fear of what it may do to my son.

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Very helpful and I found in the toothbrush holder. Probably not for colds or allergies.

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same thing, a yellow almost gold capsule with Chinese writing on it with a clear capsule to protect it. I'm trying to figure out what it is too...

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