Why Thorazine?
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my mother is under hospice care in a nursing home .I found out they are starting her on thorazine, she is very ill and is not going to be with us much longer ,she can't get out of bed or even sit up on her own but she is not shhitzophrenic .tc. why are they giving her this drug

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They use it as a sedative, so they can ignore the patient! Find another place for your Mom , or just care for her at home. I know it's a pain and an interruption but I did it for my Mom . She was with me in my home for only a month and a half and was not in pain just dying. She did have meds from her Dr and a visiting nurse came 2 times a week. It was an interruption in my life but I never felt so close to my Mom as that period. And now I realize it was a reversal, she cared for me as a baby, and I cared for her as a baby as she was dying. You will never regret this time, even though it is a hardship.

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They use it on patients that they feel a disruptive, need too much attention. It will turn her into a zombie. They used it for the same on my Mother. Be very careful

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maybe to make her relaxed and to stay as comfortable as possible. I hope it works out for you

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