White Round Pill One Side 325 Oxycodone And Tec On The Otherside Percocet


oxcycocet one side has tec the other side has 325/5 is it fake percocet are they real or fake

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I believe it's 5mg of oxycodone and 325 of Tylenol. I've had this before for pain you can ask your doctor not to prescribe the one with Tylenol if you prefer.

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Hi murry,

Did you find this pill or was it prescribed to you? If you ordered the pill without a doctor's prescription, then there is a definite possibility the pill is not legitimate since doing so is illegal.

I just want to clarify the imprint, is it 325/5 (possibly 5/325?) on one side and tec on the other? Once I know the exact imprint, I can do some more research!

Please post back so I can further assist you!

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They are Percocet. There are 3types out there,5/325 like u have,TEC,or 0636. My pharmacist says she fills them depending on how they are written,Percocet,endocet,or 5/325 which is 5 mg oxycodone and 325 MSG Tylenol,NOT Tylenol 3 as some like to claim. Also available as percodan with 325 of aspirin and not Tylenol.

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Unless you can't tolerate acetaminophen I'd just take them with. It's near impossible to find a pharmacy that is making these types of pain pills with ibuprofen in place of the Tylenol and I think then the only other option is a compound pharmacy. If that is necessary, I do believe I read Walgreen's is but I would think limited to only so many.

I have to say that I am lucky when it comes to drugs. The only thing I'm allergic to is penicillin.

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hello, i have a pill that has 325 on top and then a line that separates and a 5 on the bottom. My question is, is this the same as percocet with TEC written on the front. There is nothing on the back of it the front looks like this 325

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I have had real 5/325 percocet with TEC on reverse side but without the numbers. I recently got some that look identical but are not coated and have a cherry flavour. Also the letters "TEC" are a bit larger on the ones without coating. Are these non-coated pills real percocet? I was told the coating came off because they were put in the freezer. Can that happen? I have had serious legitimate chronic pain for 20 years (total of 40 years of migraines). Drs used to prescribe me percocet; and, other than dilaudid, they are the only pills that help reduce my pain. Now I am forced to get meds from friends
Any info will help. Thank you!

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Found a pill on my bathroom floor thats not mine its a half pill circular white and reads R on the one side and 32 on the other partially half side.

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How long does withdrawal from oxycocet 5/325 last and what are the symptoms?

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