Where Can I Obtain Votrient Pazopanib 400mg 120 Tabs


I am in urgent need of getting 120 tabs of votrient. I am paying fully from my pocket as I do not have insurance coverage. I would like to know the price and is there any way to reduce these expenses?

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I am 76 yrs old taking Votrient 800mg a day for metastatic renal cancer for the past 8 month. My disease is currently stable.
I just received my last order of votrient 400mg it comes as 60 tabs per package (one month supply) from the internet. It is the brand medication made by GSK in the UK. I paid $6300. saved about $3500 times 3. A few month ago I did a market search and found out that there are many companies selling it from India. I was not pleased with buying it from there as I know there are many counterfeit medications going around! I even thought about buying it from people who sell it on forums but this also is too risky. I got the brand medication in original sealed package and my disease is stable.

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My husband took Votrient for a year and a half it now has stopped working for him and they switched him to another medication. We had just received our supply when he was taken off...

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I am interested in purchasing some Votrient? Where was your supply manufactured, and what is the price of each vial. I have a prescription from. Y oncologist if needed. Please reply asap. xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy}

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Are the votrient pills still available?

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Is anybody using votrient that is shipped from India. It seems that all the online Canadian drugstores ship only from India. Does iy work the same. How could I be sure that it is authentic from GlaxoSmithKline?

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Yes. It's still available. It is from GlaxoSmithKline. I assume your insurance doesn't cover it? Wish I could give it away but our medical bills are mounting.

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GSK has great assistance programs. Google "GSK CTA" and go to the commitment to access website.

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Excuse me. I live in Taiwan. My father is in urgent need of such medicine (Pazopanib). Can anyone tell what is the fast way to get it? Much appreciated.

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I have 160, 200 mg pills. My husband had a bottle and got his refill. He put the 2 bottles together and then found out this will no longer be needed. We would like to send this bottle ( unfortunately opened) to someone who is in need knowing how expensive.

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Please I m in Canada and I have difficult to fine this medication .. It's urgent .Please tell me how much you cam make for us??? where you live?please help us!! my phone number is {edited for privacy} and I am brasilian

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what insurance do you have that covers this drug?

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haben Sie VOTRIENT? Ich kaufe

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My niece is a young doctor 29 years of age she had cancer kidney , her doctor prescribed pazopanib 200 mg twice a day after she had nephrectomy operation .
The drug is very expensive and we can't afford it , is there is a kind person out there have this drug and is no longer in need of it to send it to this young lady

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Hi there. My friend is looking to have his prescription filled for Votrient / Pazopanib 400mg Tablets. Any idea where to find it for a good price?

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I have a unopened bottle of votrient 120 tablets. My oncologist switch over to an other medication since this medication has stop working.

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I have bottle that us unopened kept cool in the refrigerator.

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I have one and half bottle. Don't work for me any longer

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Hi. I am looking for Votrient for my friend Julia. She is starting treatment soon and she needs to pay out of pocket… and as you may know it's extremely expensive so any dose for less is a huge help. Do you still have it? How much would you take for it? We live in Poland, but if shipping overseas would be problematic for you I could have my family form US arrange shipping. Please let me know, or if you prefer contact via phone please share your number and I will call.
Best regards,

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PAZOPANIB VOTRIENT 400 mg 30 Tablets GlaxoSmithKline

My father in law got an oncologist´s prescription for PAZOPANIB VOTRIENT 400 mg in order to stabilize his Renal Cell Cancer. We bought several packages but thereafter he got a prescription for another TKI, SUNITINIB SUTENT.

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My name is Begum & I am from Bangladesh. My Dr. prescribed Votrient 400mg. Tab. I am suffering from Lung cancer since 2007. Where can I get this prescription filled in Bangladesh?

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Hi, I'm looking for PAZOPANIB VOTRIENT for my sister in Odessa, Ukraine. She is a single mother of a 6 y.o. girl, the situation is terrible there and finances just don't exist. If anyone could donate any leftovers that are not needed anymore we would be very grateful. We have friends in US and Australia and could organize postage via them. happy to pay for the postage. Thank you

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Those offering their medication to those in need, are truly heaven sent people, May your God bless you and love you. The word " Thank You " simply isn't enough.
Those suffer, may your God comfort you and give you the strength to continue.
UK well wishers

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Looking for PAZOPANIB VOTRIENT for a friend in Kiev, Ukraine. As you might imagine, supplies are limited there (peoples' finances are even more limited). Will be grateful if anyone can spare any of these pills you can donate (will be happy to pay for postage). Many thanks

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