When Is Teva 3109 Expired


I had my teeth pulled I'd say about a year ago. Is my teva 3109 still good? I fell in the Shower and knocked out my Front Tooth. I need to take antibiotics. It's the Holiday so the Dentist is not open today.

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Hello, Lynnette! How are you? I'm sorry about happened.

However, knocking out a tooth does not necessarily mean that an antibiotic is required. As detailed by the NIH, an antibiotic is only required, in the even of an actual infection, or if there is a very high risk of one occurring, such as with certain types of surgery.

Taking an antibiotic, when it is not appropriate could result in your developing antibiotic resistance, and that could create life-threatening problems in the future.

It would be best to wait, until you can see your doctor or dentist, so they can prescribe one, if they deem it appropriate.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I had take almost a year ago . The problem now is I have to have several teeth extracted, and I have personal disease. I also need a root canal . How safe am I to do this because of my tkr. I am terrified

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Iam so scared I drank an exported amoxicillin pill will things be ok

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