When And How To Use Clomid For Effective Results


when should I start using clomid after the withdrawal bleeding of primolut N? and what should be my clomid dosage

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Thanks for the audience given to me. I'm residing in Ogun State, Nigeria. I've being trying for baby since 1998 , I can't afford IVF , I've visited different Gynecologist to no avail. One of those Gynecologist concluded anovulation due to hormonal inbalance, he complicated my case by treating me with Parlodel which failed to correct my irregular menstrual period and give me unstoppable heavy bleeding which I always stop with primolutN tablets. I've just had withdrawal bleeding after primolutN and decided to go online may be I can get solution to my infertility challenges. Although I've administered 50mg of clomid for 5 days immediately after the withdrawal bleeding but I still need to know if there is any other things that could be of help. Thanks

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I suffer from Pcos now my gyneas doc given me duphaston 10mg And productiv pros tablet so I can conceive taking metformin 0.5 mg can I conceive Without taking fertility medicine my period is very less amount for two days after taking suggestions 10 my please suggest I know I have pcos last August 2016.

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Have missed my period for 4months now and i took primolut n last month but my period has not started till today....whatelse should i do to make my period come quickly???

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I would like to know how to use primolut-n and clomid to conceive?

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