Vigorous Capsule Comes In Blue And White Color With A Chinese Writing On The Sidewith A


Is this an illegal drug or a prescription?

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Are you referring to the vitamin supplement, from India, called Vigor-ACE?

It contains 200mgs of Lecithin, 50mcgs Selenium, 7,500 IUs Vitamin A, 250mgs Vitamin C, 100 IUs Vitamin E and 20mgs of Zinc.

It is given to help with nutritional deficits and to help slow the aging process.

That said, it is a prescription vitamin supplement, but is not illegal if you have a valid prescription for it.


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whats the side effects on .. vigrious pills

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how u use the vigrious pills...

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What is the use of this capsule with writing vigorous

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Is this capsule a male enhancement supplement?

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