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hi im mandy u i wanna know which tablet can i take to concieve faster coz im in two weeks taking folic acid i want something bit stronger to help me get pregnant faster

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Hello, Mandy! How are you?

How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

What has your doctor advised you to do?

You only ovulate once a month and nothing is really going to change that, if you're ovulating regularly.

Are you periods regular? Is the bleeding heavy or light? Is there any clotting?

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Real fol tablet is good for pregnancy or not,cm I take without doctor advice

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Ve tried getting pregnant for 3 years now n my doctor recommended m2tone and folic acid ve taking it for 2 weeks now will it help me to conceived fast n how many tablets shd I take before conceiving I need and answer now bcos am desperate for pregnancy

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Folic acid is important for women in their childbearing years. I never heard it helped with fertility. It definitely won’t hurt to take it.

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Hi Mandy, my doctor gave me Clomid. U take it on day 5 of ur period, to day 9. On days 12-16 is when u should have intercourse. This drug worked for me all 3 xs, and on the 1st try. It worked so well, that I had 2 more babies in 2 years, lol. It can cause u to have twins, triplets, etc...the doctor can do an ultrasound, and count how many eggs u have. One time I had 3 eggs, but only 1 got fertilized. I'm sorry that I can't remember the dosage, but if it doesn't work the 1st time they can double it the next month. I know u want this asap, so I hope this helps. Keep us all posted!

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Thank you for this recommended drug. I want to ask if this can be taken by someone that just underwent fibroid surgery about 5 months ago?
I look forward to your response.

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