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My child is 10 yrs old with a cold and cough. How many mL should I give him and how many times a day?

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my 5month baby was suffering with cold,headache ,fever and her stools are green colour with.docter suggested me that is normal and gave me solvincold& baby was going on feverish for the last 3days i gave calpol to her fever went of and the nextday it repeated as this normal?how can iget my baby to normal condition?i am worried please give me any suggestions?and how many times can i give solvin cold in a day?

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i am nursing my baby.please give me baby suffering with sever headache and she crys alot when i give her solvin drops she was quite for sometime and this normal for child who is suffering with cold and motions with green colour.i heard that baby suffering with motions will be dehydrated is this correct.then how can handle my baby from there any home remidies to control cold& my little one.please reply me quick.

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