Side Effect Of Roxicodone/oxycodone 30 Mgs - Is There A Way To Get Rid Of The Sleepiness


Could anyone tell me if it is possible to get used to the extreme side effect of sleepiness when taking one 30 mg tablet of Roxicodone/Oxycodone? I have 3 diagnoses, including Fibromyalgia and 2 back pain ones and am prescribe 3 per day. I suffer through the pain many days, because I take a pill for the pain, and I fall asleep in 1/2 hour and can't get anything done. Is there a way to counteract the sleepiness? I need the medication, yet I can't sleep all day.

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Unfortunately, I don't think there's really anything you can do to change it, it's a normal effect that some narcotics can have on some people that take them. It used to happen to me when I was on Morphine and it never changed over all the years I was in pain management.

However, you may want to talk to your doctor and see if you can try an alternative medication, since a different one may not knock you out.

While Morphine did knock me out, I've taken Vicodin, Oxycodone and Dilaudid and none of them did.

Does anyone else have any advice to add?

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Thank you for your reply. I guess I am just stuck with the sleepiness. Roxycodone is the same as Oxycodone only the Roxy doesn't have Tylenol in it. I can't take anything with Tylenol because it affects your liver and my liver level on a blood test is 171 when it is supposed to be 40 or less! The doctors don't have a clue what is causing this, except possibly the fact that I have been on Psychotropic and Anti-convulsive Medications since 1983. I have many other physical problems because of those meds too. I have taken Morphine and it not only made me sleepy, it made me very depressed, so that's out. Vicoden has Tylenol in it. I don't know about Dilaudid. I am going to look it up. Until then, I guess it's suffer with the pain or sleep all the time. Thanks again for your input! :)

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Same here, morphine knocks me out Vicodin gives me energy and oxycodone depends on the dose I take! Try taking a smaller dose maybe it will still help w the pain but not put u to sleep... Or try taking it w an energy drink or adderall (not giving medical advise as to I don't know your medical history) adderall helps me when I get tired from meds but also lessens the pain management effects last (I can maybe the medicine burns through my system faster when the heart rate increases or something). I would try takjng a smaller dose more often if your dr says it's safe, your body might not b able to handle the instant dosage. Just typing my thoughts

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I used to have the same problem when I first started taking 30's for chronic pain..I found taking them with coffee stopped it altogether..once I became used to them they seemed to have opposite effect ..taking away pain and giving me mega energy to get thru my day

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I agree that taking them with coffee does help. Also, I have noticed that I do not get sleepy as long as I am up and moving around. However, the minute I sit down I get drowsy. Just try to get your adrenaline going, fight through initial drowsiness and you might find that you become energized instead.

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Modafinil (Provigil) off-label, helps me and some other people. Most people though have to just reduce the pain meds and suffer. Try to find some possible way to reduce any aspect or area of pain. Try the nerve blocks or nerve signal transmission interrupters. Many chronic pain patients in order to be comfortable have the dilemma you describe and sleepiness of narcotics become the disabling feature and social isolation and social disruption and hormone modulation that effects a chronic pain patients life. The goal is to reduce narcotics to the lowest dose possible-replacing it with any other possible medication, treatment, topical that has any helpful effect so you can stay awake and have a real life. I do think narcotics have an essential role in chronic pain. Once you get the pain stable... never, ever, ever, never go up on the dose.. this is for chronic pain only. Not acute. But, it cannot be thought of as the last stop in pains treatment. Otherwise you'll sleep through your life. Been there, and in the present with this topic. Stay strong and be informed and don't let anyone take away your rights in order to "protect you from yourself". By the way, off topic, but U/A's are a way to control, not to facilitate function. False+ results particularly with narcotics are as high as 10%. Basically, if you take enough of them one will turn up positive. Then what do you do? if that's not bad enough contamination at the manufacturing source is a huge problem in India. Health professionals will believe a flawed outdated drug panel over a reliable patient 100%. I'm on both sides of this so I know what I'm talking about. Refuse them and prevent the insanity. Good luck.

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