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Does any know why I would be refused purchase of Coricidin D by scanning my drivers license? I have no history of drug abuse or anything like that. I have allergies that drive me bannanas some times and have used Lotramine succesfully.

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How much were you trying to purchase and how old are you?

This medication is commonly abused, however, unless you've been flagged for some type of suspicious behavior, I have no idea why the purchase would be refused.

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63 yrs old . We figure it may have been because I was purchasing Nite time cold medicine at the same time . Still have not figured what my license had to do with it.

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It may be that in your home county there are restrictions on that medication, or perhaps in your home state. You neglected to say whether you were in your home state or county at the point of purchase. Some sellers are very circumspect about these things, but you can ask, and even demand a reason for the refusal, so long as the OTC Med is offered otherwise for sale over the counter.

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Chloral hydrate is a sleeping med I've taken now & then over 40 years. Now I'm having a hard time getting a Rx & when I managd to get an Rx, I can only get the liquid. Yuch! anyone know who manufactures it? or where I can purchase it in San Diego? or better still what ingredients I can purchase to make it myself?

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