Potassium Cl 20 Meq Er


i am having muscle weakness in my legs and can't stand for long periods of time. i lose my balance easily. is this normal

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Got no directions about whether this tab can be cut in half. its a long white pill with US20 on one side. husband cannot swallow

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Why are you on the Potassium?

The symptoms your describing are not normal, but they could be caused by the condition being treated or the treatments.

Have you spoken to your doctor about the dizziness, weakness and balance issues?

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US 20 contains 20meqs of Potassium and yes, it is a regular release tablet, so you can safely cut it in half or crush it to make it easier for him to swallow.


Are there any other questions?

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difference between potassium cl er 20 meq tablet and 90 mg potassium tablet

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I have read all the info from the Pharmacy regarding this medicine. The potassium chloride 20meg er from my doctor is causing my body to swell. There are no other know side effects or allergic symptoms. My question; does this med contain sodium and if so how much? Thank you!

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I talk potassium cl er 20 meq table with my torsemide 10 mg take 1x a day for both. My guestion is the potassium how does help me and torsemide what does it real mean

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if you don't take your chloride 10 meq for a long time can this make your legs swell ?

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