Potassium Cl 10meq Er Capsules


potassium cl 10meq er capsules

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What is this medicine for?

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I take it because I have a potassium deficiency.

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I take potassium cl er 10meq . what is the milligrams in one capsule?

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Yes, this is a supplement that's used to treat or prevent a potassium deficiency, since it is a nutrient that's very vital to your health.

Annie, this isn't measured in milligrams, that's milliequivalents.

Learn more Potassium details here.

This can cause nausea, so it is best taken with food and it is very irritating to the esophagus and stomach, so it should be swallowed whole and not broken or chewed.

Are there any other questions?

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Hello my name is Patricia I went in for emergency surgery in August for diverticulitis and because of the sevier case of the runs my potassium level was near nonexistent I take 10meq once a day but it comes out the same way it goes in, am I taking it for nothing I feel like I'm paying $$$ just to flush it.Are there foods I can eat to improve my potassium levels ?

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i need 2 tablet in urgently 500 mg pls reply about which stores have it over the counter

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If you are still having the runs, see your family doctor. The doctor can check your serum (blood) potassium level and determine if you have enough potassium, need more--or less. It is not something you can guess. There are answers to other questions about potassium here that list foods with potassium and sites with more information.

Most important is that you see your doctor soon.

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