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found this word for a drug to try for pain never seen it before buy was wondering if it was a good pain relief?

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I am taking 10mg of oxycodone three times a day following low lumbar-sacral surgery. The pain relief last for 3-4 hours. Do you have any suggestions for more even and complete pain relief.

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Right now I'm currently taking 15mg oxycodone 3x a day from fractured hip in a car accident and unfortunately it didn't healed properly so now I have what they call a non-healing femoral fracture. I know what you mean though, I feel as if the meds wear off after 3-4 hours and its tough. I've been practically begging my pain management doc to increase but due to my age, I'm 22 I assume he doesn't feel comfortable. It really sucks being in constant pain and I'm sure you know how I feel. Anyway my advice to you is to tell your doctor that 10mg 3x daily isn't cutting it. I said the same thing so he started me off on ultram's which I guess help alittle but I think that the ultram is basically a glorified Tylenol. So I don't recommend that but you can also try fentanyl patches with your oxy's or you can ask the doctor to maybe put you on a morphine pump if your pain is that serious and my last suggestion is to ask if you can get pulled off the oxycodone and switch to dilaudid. I know those are strong but they prob wont last as long as you'd like so see if you can get either fentanyl patches to use with your oxy's which for you I think would be your best bet for lasting pain relief or else maybe switch to dilaudid with like a percocet in between doeses. I hope I've managed to give you some sound advice. If your doc wont even listen to any of those then id recommend searching for another pain specialist. I hope you start to feel better. -Tom

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My arthritis pain is so bad I feel it's not worth living. My rheumatologist says she can't help me. Whwn I ask her about a new med. I hear about she says I couldn't afford it. Whay should I do? My PCP has me on percocet but they only help for a little while

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slight derail from original topic but if your insurance will cover percocet they will cover oxycodone or preferably oxycontin. oxycontin lasts roughly 8-12hrs better pain relief and less of the yoyo of always having to take pills. I have only heard of insurances requiring the doctor to provide a reason that would justify the higher abuse potential medication. If your confirm with your insurance and they will cover it then tell your current dr and if they still wont even write the script then find another. Probably not so aware of it but there is kinda a war on prescription pain medication.... specifically oxycodone and oxycontin(more because of the bad rap it got from the previous formula)... many doctors wont give it at all... the ones that do get it are pretty lucky or have a very carrying doctor since where i live last month it was 5+ that dropped dead from it... so has made it worse here but education goes a long way... never combine downers.... so no benzos(valium,xanax,klonopin are common) or muscle relaxers if you prefer to be safe.... like soma is a godsend for me but 30mg oxycontin and a soma drops my always 99 02sat to usually 97.... no lower so not really dangerous but its a clear sign to not take anything else unless i want to end up being another number this month. By the way its usually the elderly that drop for some reason... not really sure why... would have thought after so many years of doctors they would learn to never blindly trust. Oh and if they are determined no oxy then you could always try for opana er.... odds of getting it are extremely low but it will work for pain just dont know if they have a low enough dose for your tolerance level...

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