My Friend Mixed Yellow Norco And Pink Lortab In Same Bottle They Got Wet And Is Now A Brown Power Is This Powder Safe To Take


if yellow norco and pink lortab get wet in same bottle will it turn to a brown powder. is this powder safe to eat and will it still stop pain.

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Definitely not qualified to answer this one... have some opinions, but will be quiet and sit over here...

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Hi curious,

These medications are meant to be taken when in their original form (they should not be taken if they have been damaged or tampered with). Since both medications have been mixed together into a powder with water, their individual formulas have been altered and that could potentially make them very unsafe and ineffective.

Also, there is no longer a way to measure out the correct dosage since two medications have essentially turned into one.

Are there any pills left in the bottle or have they all turned into powder?

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What is the pinkish peach looking color adarol perscribed for?

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Clo, the pinkish peach colored adderall is prescribed for people or children with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(aka ADD and ADHD.)

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should be fine just let it dry and take amount you think would be In a pill or take 1/2 that wait a while see how you feel it will hit you quicker since it is in powder form like a Goody or BC then take a lil more if needed just be careful

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