Mp 447 Yellow Pill Discontinued


Are these tablets Adderall, and are they a good brand?

I also heard that they may be discontinued. Is that true as well?

National Drug Code: 53489-0570

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The yellow MP 447 30 mg is in fact generic Adderall. Has anyone tried them yet? These were just dispensed for my usual prescription.

NDC: 57664-647 / 53489-570


Inactive ingredients:

- Crospovidone
- Magnesium Stearate
- Cellulose, Microcrystalline
- Povidones
- Starch, Corn
- D&C Yellow No. 10

Ref: DailyMed
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Even if someone does report their experience with these as being good, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll end up having the same reaction. We all react/respond differently to the same meds, including the various binders and fillers in each tablet's composition. So my suggestion would be to try it for yourself if you want an authentic opinion.

You can always ask your prescribing doctor to list this specific manufacturer's version of amphetamine/dextroamphetamine 30mg on the prescription (which is Sun Pharma). This way the pharmacist won't just hand you whatever they have on the shelf at any given moment.

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Hello. Did you ever try out the MP 447 generic adderall you were asking about? I'd like to know your experience. They seem to be around a lot now.

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I really don't like them. Orange ones work way better for me.

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Lots of filler. Work pretty good but your sinuses and all that will beg for mercy after a few days of using them. They work fine for me and last most of the day with no noticeable crash really. All you can do is try it as prescribed.

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I just finished my monthly supply of generic adderall; i.e., the MP 447. First time I've gotten these and will be the last time! My opinion - they did nothing for me. With diligence, I'll have to ensure I don't get these eating candy - nothing.

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My opinion there the worst of what I received from my pharmacy hope to never again.

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Not all generics are created equal. It is true that what works for one may not work for another bc we all respond differently to fillers etc. However, we are now in a not- so- brave -new -world where many generics are extremely problematic; some dangerous. They contain less than the required amount of the medication; a different version of the medication or no medication at all or medication that isn't the medication to be substituted. The Sun yellow 30 mg tablet scored w imprint MP 447 of Adderall IR is in my personal experience as a patient and in all of my patients' experiences the worst there is. Note: my most recent rx was marked on as being Teva generic but the Sun tablets were inside. This is cause for concern as well. Nausea, sleepiness (this is bc you aren't getting the medicine you are used to and it is a discontinuation syndrome), paresthesias, feeling overly emotional - other than the sleepiness many of the symptoms people experience with this generic are not due to discontinuation. There are unknown active components that are causing the side effects. The truth is you do not know what you are putting in your body. The pink Corpharma is also poor quality. Better are Teva and perhaps Barr. It is frowned upon to ask for a specific generic tho there is nothing wrong w doing so at all. There are alternatives; some people don't need an IR form with new Mydayis from Shire; zenzedi works for many (now that one is hard to tell if you are getting generic or brand but unless you have problems w methylene blue dye - also present in Vyvanse 50 mg- you are usually ok w it. And no - I am not paid by the pharm industry - generic companies or brand companies; big or little Pharma. LOL to that notion! I use alternative treatments as well as traditional - but for ADD stimulants are the gold standard bc they work and are safe. When we don't have safe, effective non toxic generics we have poorer health care. There is a reason any of us taking this med take it!!! If you have a problem with a generic PLZ go to the FDA website and fill out the form - you only need to fill out THREE areas on it! This is the only way they can somewhat track these problems. They cannot test every batch of every med but they can't know where to look without patients or consumers help. They have posters for HCPs about the current situation w generic meds. but not for HCPs to put in waiting rooms for example - wish they did. I am here posting as a consumer/pt myself. And as an advocate for consumers/pts as a "private citizen" and as a MD. I spend a lot of unreimbursed time trying to track the generics and I am grateful for websites like this and for pharmacists and nurses and other HCPs and folks who research these issues. Many of the generic companies are changing names and hands so fast one cannot keep up with them - this is called a corporate shell game. Big problem. Meanwhile payers (meaning insurance companies) big emphasis this year has been generics, generics, generics - even for meds we have known for years are scary for many in generic form - look up synthroid and its history and Wellbutrin for extra fun. This at a time when our generic sources of meds are the least reliable in our lifetime. Be careful; be smart; be safe. Share what you know with others.

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Re: Compy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I'm taking the yellow ones now and I don't like them they actually make me tired.

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I have the yellow MP 447 round Adderall now and they suck! I could be swallowing a sweet tart and getting the same effect!

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I prefer the pink/peach ones that actually have a sweet taste to them, they work better for me!

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Started out with 30 mg of sun Pharmaceutical Adderall IR... All of a sudden my world FINALLY came together, at 41! Wow! Came time to fill month 2 (not knowing any better), came home, opened bottle, got a different med. Adderall, but different manufacturers, same stuff right? NO WAY! First time ever I learned generics aren’t all the same!

I took it and OMG the hell began! Headaches (struggled all my life with migraines, I despise them and on a preventative). Depression came back, tired, moody. Called the pharmacist asking questions and said I want back what I had last month. Was told he can only get what's sent to him. My best bet is to call around. So I'm stuck this month in HELL, last month was the best month in my life in at least 15 YEARS. I can’t accept that I only get ONE month of that and back in this hell!

I tried calling every pharmacy around and NONE carry that brand and say they can't order that brand from the distributor. Well this TEVA s*** is just that - S***. I can’t do this!

I have gotten a crash course in Adderall and generics. A taste of the blessing and back to the hell. I have a lot to learn still but I could use help if any of you more experienced individuals have any pointers. One being who carries SUN PHARMA? Thanks in advance for any help, might be worth noting I'm in Kansas City but no luck!

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I have also found the yellow round ones by Sun Pharma to work amazingly well. with other generics, round orange ones as well as oval orange ones, I take them and feel like a zombie that is lost in my own little world, but when I took the yellow ones, I was much more engaged with my loved ones and connected to the world rather than super focusing on something meaningless in reality but impossible to direct my focus away from at the time. Maybe for me the orange ones just work too well, but I prefer how the yellow ones still allowed me to focus and multitask.

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Re: Ian K (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you Ian. Since mid-September I have been on 4 different 30mg IR generics because Teva was out of stock. (Teva was decent up until the restock after Sept) The Sun yellow MP477, Alvogen, Sandoz and now back to Teva. Sandoz used to be the best, but not anymore they are useless. Teva has caused weight gain, hormonal disruption, depression, severe stomach distress and absolutely no relief of ADD symptoms. Sun Pharma was by far superior to all of them and Alvogen was not too bad either.

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Re: SJ (# 14) Expand Referenced Message
agree! Been on the med my entire life! Absolutely, gained strange weight n stomach distended ? stomach will have pains from gi issues snd very much uncomfortable every time! Works but it doesn’t work the same as it once did! Something is super sketch per usual w dea snd regulations (quality control is nonexistent ) the sandoz brand is so nit the team deal anymore and makes me uninspired just bland! tastes soapy, makes me easiky annoyed and wears off in an hr causing great need to redose but I try to refrain it’s a head game and they’ve just all inconsistent with performance all brands on a monthly basis. I feel it’s a mindwarp but u can tell the diff in generics instantaneously, I feel focused, balanced, productive and clear minded anytime I’ve received the yellow sun ones they seem to be clear cut clean focus with less fillers or side effects if any ! Thanks for your posts !! I like the yellows too! many ppl chasing the very mych changed formula brand name and noticeably different and weaker effects today

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Re: Lynn (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

They make me tired, also!!

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MP 457 much stronger than oval Teva. Makes my blood pressure rise too high. I've had them for 5 days after Teva for a year. I'm snapped in half and it still seems stronger than Teva.

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Re: Compy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

They are horrid replacement. I'll pay brand price before I get any more of these jokers!!!!

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Re: Compy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Yes. Teva generic. This yellow one from Sun does zero, NOTHING for me!!! Terrible!

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Re: Unfocused electrician (# 63) Expand Referenced Message

Definitely fake! I'm so screwed... How the hell does this even happen!?

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Re: Toma (# 53) Expand Referenced Message

How do I make a report to the FDA? My experience is just like this. I think they are fake.

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Re: Stepheb (# 45) Expand Referenced Message

Compiling a medication list that is 100% subjective is worthless in my opinion. Zero scientific evidence and the proof is in this thread that what works for one consumer might not work for another. Equal amount of comments both for and against this Sun Pharma Brand. SMH!! Why don't you go spend an hour compiling a top ten soft drink list. I'm sure your taste buds are exactly like mine.

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Re: BILLY (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Why on earth would your sinuses be at all affected by fillers unless you were abusing them? Take your misuse anecdotes elsewhere.

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Re: Paula (# 48) Expand Referenced Message

Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with the Mp447 30 mg tablets. Seems NorthStar pharmaceutical picks up some discontinued medications and redistributes them. Sun Pharmaceutical still manufactures them I believe due to copyright laws, unless the rights were sold? I have noticed other discontinued medication being picked up by them. Some ADHD patients like the way Sun works for them, others don't. Mp447 tablets are quit active and long lasting providing stimulation, motivation and energy, something Adhd patients are lacking. There is a need for transparency between companies, this would help provide more consistency in generics. Too much secrecy between pharmaceutical companies can be counter productive for patients I believe. I for one would like to see this shortage resolved, this has been going on too long. Seems it causes more problems for people, I see no benefits, diversion of amphetamines will happen to a point no matter what. Everyone needs to get on with their life, this all has been too disruptive, it has been for me. The war on rx drugs needs to end. Not all people with conditions like Narcolepsy, ADD, ADHD, Fatigue are not using stimulants simply for fun, they are needed to live and thrive in a high pace demanding world we've created.

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Re: Jaime (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

Well it's two years later and they're still on back order. Now I'm dispensed something different almost every month. Some are better then others, no transparency I read. I think its past time for some transparency between companies. There's way to much medication that's less then high quality. Three months ago I was dispensed the Mp477 tablets, they worked very well for me. I haven't been able to find them again. Time for the generic Adderall shortage to end, we should be able to count on quality pharmaceuticals every time. I think that's unacceptable, not knowing if your prescription medication is going to be of good quality. I see no reason I cannot order what works for me. There's no reason for everything being secretive, this makes no sense. Now my pharmacist says they aren't able to order a brand you prefer, what they get is out of their control, and that's what you receive like it or not. Some month's they don't have any, or not the dosage you prescribed. So instead of 60 thirty mg tablets they fill mine with 90 twenty mg tablets. Also the price is going up, they can't submit to my Insurance Company. So it's cash, that's bs in my opinion!

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I've had a different tablet every month. For me these Mp 447 work better than most. These yellow tablets are quite active!

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Re: SamIam (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

I read it is discontinued as well. I wonder.

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I just received the yellow ones for the first time trying them tomorrow

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Yes, this is Adderall.

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