Mosvit Multivitamins Minerals


its a multivitamins given by ob-gyne for pregnancy

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Mosvit, in the Philippines, is distributed by Multicare and here is some product information:

Contains 32 vitamins and minerals:
- Enriched with the chief antioxidants
- Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium intensifying the body's resistance against degenerative diseases
- Fortified with the right amount of folic acid at 400mcg and 18mg elemental iron
- Power driven with comprehensive vitamin B complex energizing the body against stress and enhancing nerve function and memory
- Now reinforced with Lutein- the cutting edge antioxidant, anti-cancer micronutrient preserving sharp eyesight and healthy body cells
- Formulated with Boron - Boron is an essential trace element that helps:
- Helps maintain healthy bones & joints
- Participate in Vitamin C metabolism
- Aids in calcium transport
- Aids In lowering blood sugar
- Improves brain function

Prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency. As a daily nutritional or dietary supplement for both men and women young and old. Also perfectly designed for a woman’s nutritional needs even before, during and after pregnancy.

As a Dietary supplement:
The pace of modern life places exceptional stress on the human body, often demanding more nutrients than our diets are able to supply. Many factors limit the intake of nutrients such as poor food quality and food choices, indigestion, alcohol and smoking. Combining career, financial and family responsibilities can be a heavy load, eventually leading to fatigue and exhaustion. The reality of the modern lifestyle and poor dietary habits create the need for nutritional supplementation to help the body cope better with life.

Reference: {edited because link no longer works}

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what is the dosage of mosvit?

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is there any toxic effect when taking this vitamins? how many tablets should i take per day/week?

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my doctor advise me to take 1 capsule a day of mosvit vitamins

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it sounds like a multi vitamin that should be taken once daily with food. What does it say on the bottle?

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Is there an overdose if I take more than 1 capsule per day?

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what local drugstore mosvit vitamins is available in the Philippines? or it is distributed exclusively?

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What is it side effect? Cause I took it for a couple of days now, and I observed that I did have somehow gold/red discharge... I don't have my menstruation.

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Meron po ba generic ang mosvit tab multivitamins 400 mcg folic acid,
Safe po ba inumin kung generic

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can i take caltrate plus ,aspilet,with mosvit gold ?

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i take mosvit once a day before bedtime as prescribed by my ob..

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my doctor says I can take mosvit with caltrate plus.

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Multivitamins+minerals Ano naging sidd effect ng m0svit.?

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Re: lee (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Bakit po d2 sa bicol daet camarines norte out of stock mosvit dami hahanap.

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