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Need oxycodone 30 mg and a doc that will also give norco along with it. I'm coming from Vegas to south LA, but I'll go anywhere in cali for the right doc. Please help. I'm used to taking 150/month.

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Looking for a doctor to prescribe me oxycodone. I get Percocet and Norco from my primary care but he can't prescribe anything higher. Can someone give me a good doctor suggestion? I have ppo good insurance and am a young 28 year old girl, 5 months postpartum, have horrible sciatica and lower back pain and cramps. Looking to get stronger meds. Shots of steroids do not help. I strictly want to get on a pain management plan taking minimal pills a month. I just need stronger options because the Percocet and Norco are not working. I want to take one pill that is just strong enough rather than multiple pills. I don't know the area. I live in the valley. I made an appt. with a pain management dr but I am hoping to find one who can give me the medication I need.

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Hey any luck? I'm in the same situation? I am coming from miami and need to find a pain doctor, but don't know where to go. I'm low on the pain meds and I am freaking out.

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