Jetrea Injection To Close Macular Hole


Had jetrea injection yesterday.I guess what I am experiencing is vitreous floaters. They started big time by around 4pm and 24 hours later are still going strong. They are present whether the eye is open or closed and interferes with good eye. My vision in that eye is pretty much nonexistent between the movement and the negative film appreance of objects that can occasionally be seen between floaters. My doctor said they are the result of the vitreous detaching. Does anyone know how long they will last?

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Hello, Katy! How are you?

No, I'm sorry, but there's no way to give any sort of time frame, it can vary from person to person. Several other people have posted about experiencing this, as well.

Have they improved, at all?

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Yes, they were gone by day 4. Went to Dr. today. Said traction was releasing but hole did not show signs of closing. He's giving me 2 weeks. Vision got much worse as well.

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going for injection tomorrow..does the eye disturbance cause any kind of dizzy or sick feeling or just annoying?

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