Is There Any Thing Stronger Then Norco 10/325


hi, i'm taken Norco 10/325 have been was taken vicodin 5.7/750 for the past 7 yrs, they worked pretty good for me then the doc changed it to Norco 10/325's say they stopped maken vicodin, cuz of the problem's with ppl die from to much tylonal in it. the Norco dosent seem to work very good for me it last 4 hrs. iv asked my dctor is there anything a bit stronger in the Norco , but she tells me no!. im at my wits end . the pain gets so bad to wear im passing the house ,can't sleep ,sometimes for days!!. I feel like im going to pull my hair out of my head that it's so bad from the pain.i have told my doctor I CAN'T DO OXYCODONE cuz when I did get it in the hospital within a half hr of getting I asked for more!. iv gotten to the point to where the pain is sooo bad I just want to die!!.:( ... I don't know what to do.!

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I am very, very sorry about what you're going through. No one should have to suffer.

There are stronger medications, but your GP can't prescribe them for you. You'll need to ask them for a referral to a specialist if you require something stronger on an ongoing basis to relieve chronic pain. There were new regulations put in place last year that restrict what your general doctor can prescribe.

What type of pain are you experiencing?

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Hi, Find a pharmacy that carries Qualitest brand 10-325. Same prescription...different manufacturer. I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden my pills weren't working and I was taking more. My pharmacy had switched brands to Watson. Then I read that all generics were not equal there can be a huge difference in the amounts they put in. I have now switched pharmacies 3 times to stay with Qualitest. Good Luck!

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Verwon .... The ability of a first response / non-specialist practitioner to prescribe anything at all depends upon the state in which the doctor practices. I'm not sure but I believe that physicians in most areas can prescribe as they wish ... barring a few drugs such as buprephenorphine, which is ordinarilly used to treat addiction and not a true opioid. The standard route for many PCPs today is to prescribe for a few months; then, to send the patient to a pain specialist for approval before continuing.

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Yeah the crazy thing is I have been taking hydrocodone 10s for about 3 years now.. I take the white ones with Watson written on them. They work better for me than the yellow one! I've had to take the yellow one a few times and it did nothing for my pain. I have to take like 2 or 3 just to get relief so I definitely hate the yellow one.. I guess everybody is different as well as the different brands and such but the white hydro 10s work way better than the yellow hydro 10s in my opinion.. at least for me. I've heard so many people say the yellow are better and the white does nothing for them but I am the complete opposite! Maybe my body is more used to taking the white which is why I can feel the effects but I have to take to many of the yellow just to feel them..

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Ask for a pain management Dr for one and than speak to them about options! I’m a stage 4 bone cancer patient I’m on fentanyl patch,OxyContin and Norco for pain! And then trazadone to help me sleep this combination seems to work but it took a year or longer of changing meds to find out which works best! I wish u luck I really hate when ppl have pain! I know how bad mine gets with having bone cancer it’s in my bones and on my bones and the pain feels like there are little elves in my body hammering on my bones

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Hey Verwon ,just read where you are leaving,just wanna say thankyou for advice and help from you ok it's hard here in Australia sometimes ,good luck ol mate.

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