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My friends daughter was just put on this drug when she had a psychotic break and was hospitalized. My friend said they have identified her daughter as a schizephrenic (sp)

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Invega is a name brand for Paliperidone. It is an antipsychotic medication.


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Thanks Vernon for your response. What does that mean though? Anti-psychotic, what types of patients is it prescribed for usually, is it for Schzophrenics or what. She had been on lots of medications for 20 yrs., and then the last one was Thorazine, they took her off that and have her on this Invega. Do you have anything else to add?


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It's wrong to say that invega is anti-psychotic medication. It is not! and that's why several people committed suicide. People who had only a psychotic break and took invega experienced the hell and some couldn't handle it and committed suicide. My son was forced to get the injection and since that happened our lives became a nightmare. This medication can be efficient for schizophrenia but absolutely not for people who are suffering from stress or panic attacks, etc.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss as well as the precious lives of others who've died at the hands of Invega. However, whether it's wrong to say so or not, Invega (Paliperidone) is in fact classified as an anti-psychotic drug. No amount of disbelief can change its classification on a statutory level... Nevertheless, I truly hope that someday you will be able to find peace of mind from the torment this drug has caused you and your family. It's sad to hear about doctors prescribing these powerful medications for the wrong reasons.

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Thank you David. Maybe the FDA will wait until more and more people commit suicide until they realize that several psychiatrists prescribe invega to people that maybe just need to go to a retreat or sleep well to recover from stress. In my son's situation. At the clinic they wanted him to sign the authorization to have the invega injection, but when he refused to sign they said to him that if he didn't sign he won't leave the clinic. So he felt scared and signed. The Public mental health system in South Florida, should be called "Mental hell system".

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this is what all the drs say get her off this poison things only get worse

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