Immeadiate Relief Already Taking Ms Contin 30mg


I am on ms contin 30mg 3times daily need imm relief when knee goes out 41 yr. old female they will not give me a knee repacement untill I'm at least 55 yrs. old have had a synvicic inj. not much pain relief they denied my unloading brace because of cost. please help with any sugg. Thank you for your time , tifani klaveano

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Have you talked to your doctor about something you can use for this breakthrough pain?

In many cases, such as yours, an immediate release medication is also prescribed to be taken as needed, for these times of breakthrough pain.

The normal options are an immediate release Morphine:


or OxyIR, which is an immediate release Oxycodone:


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I am a 38 year old male who just had a knee replacement . I was not in an accident, my kneee just deteriorated. I am in St. Louis and have an amazing doctor. I am 8 weeks post surgery today, back at work for over two weeks and able to walk with no assistance and only mild pain. I can even do deep knee bends standing on the leg that has the replacement. My suggestion is to find another doctor. There IS NO AGE MINIMUM for a replacement, it is up to the doctor. My insurance had no problem with this, either.

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The main reason that they will not do joint replacements, in many cases, at such young ages is due to the fact that most have a limited life span. They do tend to wear out, after so many years and then the person would just require another replacement.

The younger and more active a person is, the sooner it will wear out and require another replacement. By waiting until a person is older, if they can, they can save them some trouble of the pain and discomfort associated with repeated surgeries.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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While what VERWORN posted was true year ago, most Doctors do not follow this protocol anymore and most insurance companies do not want them to. Knee replacements are lasting 15-20 years (especially when compression is used as opposed to the cement method), so while a second surgery will be necessary in many cases, it is highly unlikely that a third would need to be done. What has to be done is to weigh the current quality of life over the issues that a possible second surgery wwould have. While to some this may be an issue, it beats having to live on 90+ mgs of morphine everyday for 14 years. i am not a Doctor, but since the person who did my surgery is also a friend of over 15 years, I can confidently say that what was done was done with my future health in mind. Don't rush into anything, but don't believe the "you have to wait 'till you are 55" line of thinking, either. It no longer holds true among the vast majority of the Orthapedic community.

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I agree, I am female 38 years old, with very painful bilateral osteoarthritis.First started in 2004 from a lateral meniscus tear in my left knee, had surgery, then in 2008, pain randomly struck once again, another surgery, another tear and now osteoarthritis. Debridement was carried out along with another menisectomy.2010 here I am agian in pain, this time my left knee buckled,as it dies,and I fell and hurt the right knee.So 2010, surgeries again this time on my right knee as well. Xray/CT scan shows osteoarthritis in the joints as well as the patella (bilaterally) But I am told you are too young for knee transplants....well my question is, don't you think I am also too young to feel pain everyday? Can't sit very lon with knees bent-pain, can't walk very far-pain, can't kneel, nor squat-pain...I am so frustrated keep taking medication, keep going to P.T. I live in Canada, Prince Edward Island, perhaps I should go elsewhere for a second opinion. And yes, I am well aware of the risks involved with TKR.

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I would not RUSH a knee replacement. It should not be done until your retirement age!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a better option it is called Carticel transplant. where you donate your own cartlidge cells. Much better outcome than Knee replacement.

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well i think Verwon is ignorant by suggesting u look for another narcotic for breakthru pain bcuz many pains can be controlled with NSAID drugs of different types and physical therapy! I ruptured three ligaments and minisus and completely destroyed my knee and was able to manage pain well with low level opiod Norco 10-325 Plus celebrex and ibuprofen 800mg and Skelaxin! i cannot get a new knee either and doctor tapered me off norco after 6 months and the other meds keep pain managable all without gettin dependent on strong narcotics wich will only cause u worse problems in the long run!

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Pongo im in stl and saw ur reply, I'm 32yr female who has had 3 knee surgeries and was diag with osteoarthritis, and knee surgeon won't give me my knee replacement cause of my age, so I'm desperately trying to find a dr who will look past this issue could u please let me know the doc that u used? thanks Amanda

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Pongo could u please email me I'm interested in dr that did ur knee replacement I'm having trouble in stl who will look past my age, 32yr female. {edited for privacy}

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