I Found A Small Blue Round Pill Under My Counch Scored On One Side And Geigy 43 On The Other Side Can Any On Tell Me What It Is


small blue round pill scored on one side and GEIGHY 43 on the ohter side does any one know what it is

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Based on the description provided, I haven't come across an exact match to your pill. However, I did find that the manufacturer is listed as Geigy Pharmaceuticals; who previously merged with Sandoz to form what is now called "Novartis".

You may want to contact them directly regarding your inquiry for more specific details, since nothing with this imprint appears to be coming up through any search engines.

Novartis can be reached at the following number 1-888-669-6682. Their hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.

I hope this helps! Does anyone else recognize this tablet?

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Yes, It is Clomazapam. I have been on these 1 mg blue pills for seven years for severe panic attacks. I take 3 mg. per day and it has allowed me to leave the house and live a normal life. Many people carry an extra pill on them if they feel like they may get into a situation that causes an attack; but mine take 80 min.to go into affect. So usually you don't need a spare tablet if you are taking as prescribed. Don't mix with alcohol; it can exaggerate the effects of drinking. My problem started after a family member died and no amount of talk therapy helped. I'm thankful for clomazapam; although it may make you sleepy if taken at bedtime. Some people use it just to sleep, stop compulsive thoughts, panic attacks, etc.

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Re: Jan (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Are you sure it says Geigy 43 on it? Because I can't locate what pill this is anywhere, even at the number provided at Novartis. I know this is old but if anyone can help I'd appreciate an answer as I've found some also and would like to know what it is.

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Re: Christine (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It cannot be identified anywhere. I found mine in an old 1980's aspirin tin. I even called Novartis, they suggested bringing it to a pharmacist. Although the other person said it was clonazepam, I'm not so sure. I wish there was a way to verify.

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