I Am On 170 Mlg Of Methadone And 12 Hours After Dose Experincing Withdrawl Symptoms Is This Normal How Can Be Free The


I have been going to a methadone clinic for over a year now, but i have been on pain killers for the past ten years of my life. I am now on a dose of 170 per day but I still experince withdrawl symptoms 12 hours after taking my dose. I take clondine at night to try to curve the symptoms but all that seems to do is make my blood pressure drop to much and i go to sleep for an hour or two and then wake up still feeling the withdrawl symtoms. I started taking Vitadone about a month ago to see if it would help but still notice no difference. I think my probelm may be I need to split dose my methadone but my clinic refuses to let me be dosed that way even though other clinics in neghboring cities do split dosing for thier patients. My counslur is now trying to not let me recieve any more increases. I have no idea what I should do to fix the issue I am having. Is this normal and what can be done to help me with this issue?

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Hello, Julia! How are you doing?

What are you considering withdrawal symptoms?

Learn more Methadone details here.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You have to understand that your counselor has to watch out for what they fear could be drug seeking behavior, so many complaints that aren't considered typical of people on Methadone could make them want to block you from having your dose raised.

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You probably metabolize your dose quickly that's what my doctor told me and after I drop clean for 3 months I will be put on split dosing. I have the exact same problem my dose lasts about 10-12 hours no matter what I'm up to 154, if metabolism is the problem going up will not help. I suggest changing clinics to one that does split dosing.

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Hey, I thinking that maybe your not experiencing withdrawals but, rather pain that needs to be treated with something other than methadone. I'm not saying to stop taking the methadone but, I wouldn't go up if I were you. 170 is a lot and at my clinic they won't allow patients to go past 80mg on their own after that you have to get a blood test done to go up more and even then you can't go past 100mg. I'm detoxing now and I was on 90mg a day and I wish now I would've never went up that far and stayed on it as long as I did! How long have you been taking 170mg? Has your body had time to stabilize on that amount? I have a friend and she takes methadone but also has to take pain meds because she was in a really bad car accident and she has pain all day everyday, so that's why I ask if your sure your experiencing withdrawal symptoms or is it pain? And as far as you split dosing that would be better for you and I don't understand why your clinic won't approve it, my clinic will let patients split dose but, there are channels you have to go thru to get it approved. I hope everything works out for you and think about what I said about not going on up with your dose. Hang in there!

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Methadone is a long acting drug you shouldn't even start feeling it until a couple hrs later and once you've been on it for four or five months you should be without withdrawl for almost two days ive been on a clinic since 1999 and i can and have since a year in go up to the third day before i get sick and i cant believe they didn't stop your increases sooner most state laws are 110 max when i first started i was upto the max dose of 110 and in 2011 they had to take everyone down to under 70 and their only allowed in most states to split dose if your pregnant.

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That much methadone all at once is a horribly high dose.I hope you can get it split up some way.Taking that much at once should hold you till the next morning.Maybe it is the methadone its self causing your problems.

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You should do more research on what can cause your methadone to metabolize more quickly.. I found out after this happened to me also that caffeine causes this problem if you drink a lot of sodas and even some over the counter medicines can cause u to go into withdrawal when taking methadone. The clinic should be able to give you a list of things that cause this and also ask about a peek n trouph - I doubt that I spelled that right but tried to spell it like it sounds. Anyway its a diagnostic they give to see if your metabolizing ur methadone too quickly. Just some helpful info I picked up over the past couple of years while in treatment. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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"...potential to be habit forming.." hahahalolol, thats a good one!!

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Split the dose yourself and don't tell the fin clinic. They seem to over react at times. 170 mg of methadone is too much. Go down to 120 mg and I bet you will feel better

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SURFSUPBOB: If he is still experiencing withdrawals on 170 mgs, why would taking LESS methadone make him "feel better"? That makes no sense. And unless you are getting "take homes" or are on tablet methadone like I am, there is no way to split your dose.

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JULIA: I know you posted this years ago, so I am hoping that you are adjusted now. I have no idea why 170mgs wouldn't get you "well"....If I was on that much, I would be in a coma. Let us know, if you can, how you are doing with the methadone now.

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You're taking way too much at one time. You definitely need to split dose. Good luck!

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I agree and all these people saying 170 mg is to much methadone cracks me up. I’ve been on the MMP for over 2 decades and stayed on 185mg for about 14 years. However, I have seen other people guest dose from other clinics that were on an outstanding 300mg plus... I don’t know their history or their clinic rules but for a fact I’ve seen 2 mg yes 2mg all the way over 300mg. Some states according to those clients that were on such incredibly high doses such as 300+ let you ask for an increase at the dosing window. Where I go you have to be staffed and approved for ANY increase. All people are different from drug use,metabolism,pain thresholds and so on. Years ago I was able to split dose however, now this doctor says no way he could careless what kind of pain your in. As far as the extremely high doses some doctors at the clinics are more humane and are well informed on addiction medication. Others however just say 100 mg is it PERIOD! I’m a disabled veteran and the clinic I attend has outstanding PTSD,EMDR, and of course one on one therapy not to mention all the other requirements you have to meet each month. Even with the severe pain I’m in this new doctor took me from 185mg to 115mg overnight! As far as Methadone being a life saver ABSOLUTELY!! I was in the hospital with sepsis expected not to live and with the grace of god I got another chance and I’m extremely grateful for it. As long as I continue to stay clean I will remain on the clinic. I hope everyone does well.

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Gabapentin. It intensifies methadome snd keeps easy withdrawal completely. Seriously try that. Also it helps the methadome last longer with a euphoria along with it

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