How Many Effergin Tablets A Day Should I Take To Loose Weight


how many effergin tablets a day sould i take to loose weight???

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Effergin is a common misunderstanding for Ephedrine, which has been banned for use in the U.S. due to extreme safety issues.

It can cause problems such as: nausea, irregular heartbeat, breathing problems and heart attacks.

Did a doctor prescribe this and what have they recommended?


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want to loose lots of weight fast

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just started effergin tabs today, was told to take 4 in total per day, is this not a bit excessive? I am 43 and am going for my karate black - dont want to give myself a heartattack!!!

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Is it ok to take effigine if i suffer from diabeties and also COPD

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is there anywhere I can get ephedrine in South Africa???? Definitely helps for energy and weight loss.....

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