How Long Will Side Effects Last After 4 Days


I have been taking Chantix for 4 days in a row and I feel horrible!!! how soon will this be out of my system??

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Hello, Jodi! How are you doing?

If you only took it for 4 days, it shouldn't take long for the side effects to wear off, a few days at most.

What types of side effects did you experience? The most common ones are nausea, insomnia and abnormal dreams.

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It takes about 2 weeks for your system to acclimate to chantix.
If you don't feel your side effects subsiding by then and you want to stop using it.
You need to wean yourself off over a 2 weeks period.
Or you will experience more side effects.
Chantix is Bupropion which is Wellbutrin.
Just so you know.
Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

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