How Long Do I Wait To Take Tramadol After Ive Taking Hydrocodone


I took 4 & 1/2 Hydrocodone 10/325s about 12 hours ago. Can I take 5 tramadol now

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Hello, Fly! How are you?

You are taking far too many of these tablets, at once. Especially the Hydrocodone with the Acetaminophen, no single dosing of that should exceed 1,000mgs.

How many have you been instructed to take, per dose, by your doctor?

Both of these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Keep in mind that it is very rare for someone to overdose on Tramadol alone, but Tramadol in combination with other drugs can be very dangerous and lead to death.

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Yes, what Dan said is correct, but that's in respect to any mediation, not just Tramadol.

Most overdoses, especially fatal ones, occur due to the mixing of medications. It's very difficult to overdose fatally on just one medication.

However, if someone takes multiples, it may cause their body to go into shock, because it doesn't know which chemical orders to obey and may just shut down to try to protect itself.

But, I do have to caution everyone as to the possible risk, no matter how remote it is.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Indeed Verwon - the ridiculous and quite unwarranted amounts of acetaminophen which are combined with Hydrocodone, a rather mild opioid, are positively dangerous if a patient finds that the dosage is not sufficient for the required analgesia. 50mg Hydrocodone is certainly not a high dosage of opioid. However the consequences to the liver if using one of these combinations and not a pure form of DIHYDROCODEINEONE, as Hydrocodone is properly named, can be disastrous. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market and in my view should be at least a Sch 3 CD. Yes, the U.S. is now limiting dosage units to 300mg but still it will be available in industrial sized packaging in supermarkets and corner shops... Here in the UK the limit is 500mg but packets are limited to 16 tablets (unless Rx drugs such as REMEDEINE and SOLPADEINE which come in standard tubs and blister packs of 56).

At least the worst - the drug which claimed more lives than any other cause of death in the group Females 12-24 yrs of age - has now been completely withdrawn, even in India; that was dextropropoxyphene (32.5/65mg with 500mg apap) brand names Distalgesic, co-proxamol (INN), Darvon/Darvocet and Proxyvon being most commonly seen. Paracetamol is still despite many press articles aimed at the target group most at risk from this 'cry for help' overdose, the drug of choice for such a 'statement' and sadly remains a far higher cause of death than any other in that demographic. If 10mg Hydrocodone is insufficient, as it will be in many cases due to its relative weakness, then it is easy to use a mortar and pestle to make Zohydro ER caps 30/40/50mg into a suitable IR preparation, the resultant very fine powder being highly soluble in lukewarm water or even coffee - it begins to degrade at around 65° (Celsius of course).

10mg Hydrocodone is equivalent to around 40mg of its parent drug dihydrocodeine, and to around 1.3mg morphine salt, less than 500micrograms oxycodone and about the same as a 60mg codeine phosphate but with less of that drug's dreadful constipation. Until its withdrawal in 2007, it was sold in Europe (brand Knoll DICODID) as an antitussive (NOT analgesic) in 10mg dosage, but now 100% of the world supply is consumed in the US, being unlicensed anywhere else. It was certainly the most effective antitussive on the market, esp for a dry and painful hacking cough. There has been a lot of nonsense written in the US tabloids about Zohydro recently ("super-strength opiate" and such like) when in fact as can be seen it is a relatively mild drug. As for the length of time one should leave between a full agonist and a partial antagonist to avoid any unpleasantness, I have in front of me the PIL from a box of buprenorphine, much more of an antagonist than tramadol - which in those dosages mentioned actually carry a rather high risk of acute seizures - and it is recommended that twelve hours be elapsed between the two, although in 'Certain circumstances' recommended by your doctor, six hours might be sufficient. I guess that the dosage would have quite a lot to do with that and the dose the OP mentions is extremely high for immediate release tramadol HCl.

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I took vicodin 7-325 at 11:30 am for pain. How long should I wait to take the tramadol 50 mg?

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