Hetrazan 100


for asthma it is precribed

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I am from India but presently I live in USA. I have Elephantasis with a swolen legs.

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i am having pain right side in the stomach and recently i got to balls inside right side of the stomach can u suggest me to use hetrazan and there is no pain. please do need ful i am afraid that to go to doctor becaz he say for surgery

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I went to a Picnic before 3 Months back.After Coming from Picnic.I have noticed Swelling on my Right Side Testis.I went to Dr. He suggested me HETRAZAN 100mg tablet ( 3 times in a day for 4 Weeks ) I'm taking tablets from 2 Weeks but there is not change at all...So you concern person, Please suggest me some Effective Tablets

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