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Which is the better generic company? I just got GLOBAL and they are like taking sleeping pills. I'm sleeping 20 to 24 hours a day for days. If I didn't need to pee, I might never wake up. Can any body help me before I go back to sleep?

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Ive never heard of anybody falling asleep on adderall thats really weird....ur the first one i heard of that slept on them...maybe its intensifying another medication u take. I would talk to a doctor and tell them it done a friend like that u dont have to say u done that...goodluck

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Everyone is different. Been taking it for 15+ years and still have different reactions with the many brands or foods/drinks. Magnesium is another . Maybe get ir not the xr. xr drags the dose out over time. I hate the XR for this reason. Maybe its time to up your dose. I hate that zombie feeling when it doesn't seem to work. A cup of caffeine helps too.

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I too find it interesting that people are feeling tired on what's supposed to be a "stimulant", no matter whether it's IR or XR...I would suspect that it could be due to having a higher tolerance (and taking something that doesn't fulfill that higher tolerance need)...then again you never really know...But if you haven't felt this way on any other manufacturer's brand/generic, another theory is it may be related to a certain binder/filler(s) that's inhibiting optimal bioavailability...?

And I think the only way to safe-guard yourself against the ever changing deck of cards these pharmacies play with different manufacturers, is to have your doctor specify a particular manufacturer's brand or generic that works best for you on the prescription. This way you'll know that they'll only give you what the doctor ordered. Post #2 is right though, that everyone is different when it comes to these meds, so it might just come down to trial and error until you come across something that gets the job done.

On one last note, it might also be a good idea to get your adrenal levels checked out or see if you're deficient in any key nutrients like Iron, vitamin B12, B6, etc.

Hope this helps!

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This rx for generic add xr 30 which was causing problems with excessive sleeping was a new increase for me from generic add xr 20. Thank you for all of your suggestions.
I have an appt in 2 wks and rest assured that this situation will be throughly discussed.
Be well.

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The "falling asleep" thing while on Adderall 30 mg is absolutely TRUE. Our pharmacy recently started filling scripts with the orange E404 pills (Sandoz), and also the small orange ones with the crescent moon and #28 on them (made by Actavis). BOTH of these brands put me straight to sleep. The E404 ones cause horrible headaches. I've even tried taking TWO of the 30 mg pills at once, and within one hour cannot keep my eyes open and fall asleep.

I feel extreme fatigue while on them, irritable, and my jaw is constantly clenched. I can't focus, can't get anything done, and it feels like my body is filled with sand. I've become depressed, unproductive, and am sick to death of arguing with our pharmacist when he says "they're all the very same, just made by different manufacturers." One doesn't develop a "tolerance" to Adderall overnight; the ones I used to get (orange, football shaped with b 974 on one side, 30 on other, made by Barr) worked *perfectly* for years, and the difference between them and these "sleepy" E404s and #28s is literally like the difference between night and day.

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My personal favorites are Teva for the 30 mg XR and Barr for the 10 mg.

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I know this is old but I just found several posts from people on this site alone plus at least 20 more on other sites that ALL reported the SAME THING around 2015/2016 with the ACTAVIS brand. They were all reporting how it made them fall asleep or want to go to sleep! Sure enough, several batches of the ACTAVIS brand were recalled by the FDA on 3/23/2016:

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The pharmacist is either dumb, or he thinks you are. Generic medication can vary up to 20% stronger or weaker from the name brand and still be ok to sell. So one manufacturer may be 19% weaker, another 19% stronger, which is a huge variance between the two generics.

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If you REALLY have ADHD like me Adderall or other similar medications DO get a downer effect not an upper. Doesn't make sense because we're already wired. It's like fighting fire with fire I guess. On a side note avoid any medications from RHODES. Do the research.

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Global isn't great but I can focus (read). 20 mg xr

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Then you take Adderall for speed and don't have add or ADHD. Adderall calms us.

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Global works for me. Weird, I know what the bad manufacturers feel like. Mallinckrodt, Rhodes (the worst), etc... just read the reviews on Reddit. I want Rhodes to get in trouble. China manufacturing.

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Avoid Rhodes. Should be illegal. Confusing. Pharmacies know too.

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