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I am 43 and had a laminectomy 6 years ago. After surgery i was referred to pain management and prescribed 50mg of methadone a day / 30 mg roxicodone every 8 hrs. / and 2 mg of xanax every 12 hrs. These combinations were just written to be therapeutic and brought my pain down to a level of 4 out of 10. However this was very expensive and not being able to work I could not afford to go every month. I now have medicare and disability so I need to find a local Dr. who will accept medicare & is taking new patients. My last MRI was 4 years ago. I need to get in to a local Dr. For REFERAL of new MRI, AND TREATMENT OF PAIN MANAGEMENT. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?


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I have been in and out of treatment centers for 12 yrs. I need a doctor in the Omaha area that will prescribe methadone.

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I have been taking methadone for pain for over 13 years... It is the only thing that works for me... I am at a point that I only need a small dose every few days... If you live near NY city, Beth Israel Hospital has a pain treatment center.. Nyack Hospital also has a pain clinic which prescribes methodone... It seems harder to get than H or guns (g)

I can't get insurance due to the stigma of methadone... it's the only downside for me

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Check into Kratom. I promise, life can be lived without getting high, without wondering where you're going to get your RX, without throwing yourself on the mercy of the pain docs. Kratom is an herb which has helped me become normal again. Even Happy!
Google it.

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where are you from?You need to say what area you need a Dr. in???

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Is it possible or smart to get methadone along with your pain meds to help from getting the high from the drug ? I know someone who gets roxy 15s and methadone 5s says it curbs addiction any advice

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Moved to WV from another state and cannot find any help here! Was being prescribed oxycodone 30 for back and neck pain. Anyone?

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Darlin, I ordered kratom but the taste makes me vomit. How do u take it? Also, I received it a yr sgo, been in my refrig. Do u think its still good?

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Tell me where to find info on this herb please

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Please, don't let them do this to you! Google Kratom.and learn all you can about it! You'll be so thankful that you did.

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Looking for a pain mgt.dr in philly or south jersey .i have been on opana 40 er 2x a day and roxycodone 30 mg 4x a day I have been on these meds since 2000 and am in severe pain.

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If there is a doctor prescribing roxicodone 30 mg for Spondylitis, hernited disks,and i have Lupus and im in chronic pain everyday of my life. i get Lupus IV infusions but do nothing for my pain. my dr from north jersey just closed up and left everyone with no clue where to go and no medicine. so many people had to get sick from suddenly stopping meds.. i have no addiction problems, just need the quality of life back the medication gave me. nothing else helped. i saw the dr a year and half before i went for my appt to find any empty office and no where to turn! I can get to north new jersey, but south new jersey dr would be best. i never realized how much pain i had until the blessing of medication took most my pain away enough to function. now, everything is a challenge from getting dressed to to getting in a car. i don't go many aces bcuz the pain and inability to have a good range of motion. i care for my grandson that i am adopting and need this medication to help me go about a normal lifestyle. can anyone recommend a south new jersey pain management doctor? Thank you.

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I am interested in methodone, or best wsy to come off of sboxone and plill abuse for over 20 years. I have rsised a 24 yr old and noe have an autistic 3 yr old and do not want to be, or can afford, nor have any time to be down and out and physically & both mentally sick. I recently my Mom & Dad, so we are alone with NO helpm. Can somebody, or sometgong help me. Quitting cold turkey, eating right and exercising, and meditation hasn't worked! I have been doing that for months. I am in columbus georgia. Thanks!!

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Looking for a Dr that prescribes methadone for pain, no methadone clinics tho, in Philly PA.

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My old doc would write me anything. At one point I was getting 30 mg methadone, 2 mg Klonopin, and 2 tabs Vicoprofen. Cut Bank, MT. He is now with the VA clinic in the same town but I'm not a vet. Viet Nam ended 1 month before I graduated high school.

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I am in long island looking for a pain management doctor that will write methadone or oxycodone 30 have lupus cancer and back issues thank you

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You will need a referal to see any pain management specialist.Most are interventional and very few prescribe potent narcotic opiate/opioids.If all alternative treatment options fail then you may have the option of moderate pain med. Ie; hydrocodone,tramadol etc. Very few if any rx for oxycodone or methadone for intractable conditions post the 2016 mandates and 2017 restrictive directives were issued.i suffer from 3 extreamly painful conditions that have disabled me and I'm told I'm fortunate to recieve er hydrocodone and tramadol for bt pain.
Back in 2014 I was rx'd dilaudid and OxyContin those days are long gone.

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Forget about it. Can't get them anymore. I should know. I was on 50mg a day of Opana ER and now I had to switch due to the DEA blaming the Opana for every dam death in the world. I went to Morphine and it made me so sick. Then tried Zohydro. That was a joke. No way did that help. From there I am on OxyContin and yes it helps but not nearly as good as the Opana did. I'm sincere in saying that try and get Opana out of your head because it is being taken off the market. This is fact. Don't try to do the generic cuz that's also been flagged as well. I was a long time user of Opana and it kills me to never have relief again. Try a different drug you have no choice. They advised all clinics NOT to give Opana. That's a fact!!! I'm still upset about it. I've been off Opana for three months now and my life and my quality has dominished drastically. Good luck.

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You need to do what I did after the Doctor I worked for until he went to a clinic and then moved out of state. Make an apt w/ a new doctor as an INTERVIEW. That's the way I handled it. I spouted out my illness complete w/reports and said this is the meds I am on. Are you the doctor for me I asked? He was taken back that I 'interviewed him" that he said Yes, I will be your Doc as you were treated. Ask around before deciding who to Interview, folks know whose good. And you have the right to make an appt. w/o explaining to recept. what for, just tell him/her the TIME you need allotted for your appt....Worked for me and I've been w/him 20 yrs.

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Due to new CDC regulations I am having a hard time finding a pain doctor in the Houston, Tx area to prescribe the medication I have been taking for many years . I was taking 10mg 4 times a day and have been cut down to 5 mg 4 times a day with Percocet 3 x a day. The doctor sent his PA in on my last visit to let me know he will be reducing my meds again next month. I have had several appointments in hopes of finding another doctor that will prescribe Methadone as I have been taking at 40mg per day. That dose really doesn’t relieve all my pain but is tolerable. This new regimen has cut down the quality of life and will keep deteriorating. The new doctor Inwent to told me he could only prescribe 15 mg a day which is less than I am on presently. He told due to the government approving another 20% cut in opiates they are told to cut patients doses next to nothing. He suggested going to a Suboxone Doctor because of course it’s not being cut because it’s for addiction. He said even though I am not an addict I need something for pain and that will be accessible and I should have pain relief. The other choice is a methadone clinic and I am not able to go everyday to get my dose. I am a 56 year old disabled woman and have suffered from Intractable pain for over 20 yrs due to an auto accident where I was ejected from my vehicle and sustained massive injuries. I have 2 questions: Does anyone know of a doctor in Houston, Tx area who will prescribe 40mg of Methadone a day or a long acting equivalent? And two: Can anyone tell me if they have come off Methadone and switched to Suboxone for PAIN and did it work? I would think Subutex would be a better choice as I don’t abuse opiates. Does anyone know if Subtlutex works better since it doesn’t have naloxone in it? Thanks pain Warriors!

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That's just crazy. Subs are used in Rehab clinics for addiction recovery, not pain. AND Methadone was designed by the German Nazis to help their addicts. Methadone blocks the effects of other pain drugs. Please believe blocks them and Twilight Sleep as well.

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I need a Subutex doctor and klodopin doc in Murfreesboro, TN any recommendations? I'm allergic to Suboxone but can't find my letter bc I moved.

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Methadone was created by Hitler for pain. They did not have enough morphine and mainly didn't have the opium poppy which u need to make morphine, so he had a chemist make dolphine which doesn't need opium poppy to make and when the war ended the USA brought him over and he sold the drug to Indiana's own Elli-Lilly and they have used it for pain and to get people off opiates.

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Dr.vincent padula in vorhees is a very generous pm him or any other drs pple suggest.

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I know of a couple pm docs in south jersey. Dr. Padula in vorhees and woodbury**** (dr. Vincent Padula) very compassionate n understanding. If u have a history of addiction, I suggest going to an addictions specialist....They do prescribe methadone pills and suboxone.

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What State do you live in and what meds do you get?

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