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anyone with experience using Faslodex? How painful are injections? Any tricks to make this more tolerable? What can be done to lessen nausea and vomiting etc?

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HI, I have been taking Faslodex injections for 1 year and 5 months. My oncologist started me on this because the tamoxifen I was taking didn't work for me. The first year I was on Faslodex, I was given one injection a month. In April 2009 I started receiving 2 injections a month. This was after a meeting (discussion) of this product and how well it was working for patients taking it. I started out Stage 0-1, had the lumpectomy. I refused radiation and was prescribed tamoxifen. At my next mammogram I was diagnosed Stage 1 and went with the left breast mastectomy. At that time I was given an oral chemo. After this treatment, the diagnosis after the Bone Scan was Stage 4 breast cancer which had matastacised? to my Liver. At this point I started on my Intravenous Chemotherapy Treatment. At that point I was also given Zometa, bone treatment, for a rib and skull bone fracture where cancer had entered. A Note: Zometa is really good to strengthen bones and fill in holes, fractures, etc., so that cancer will no longer go back to those areas, but I found out later when I had to have Oral Surgery on a tooth, that the only bones that are not helped with Zometa are the bones in your mouth. I was told to try not to have any more teeth extracted because the bones would not grow back together.

Back to Faslodex injections, I have a small amount of burning during the injection on my right hip. I have about triple burning/stinging on my left hip. We can't figure out why. After the injections, in the past I have felt tiredness/ dizziness so I go home and usually take a nap. Today, after my injections I felt more dizziness and a little nausea. I don't know why but I find that if I drink a little Coke or have a piece of candy, not chocolate, and rest for a while I feel better. So, as for me I guess I have very little side effects.

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I just had my first Faslodex injections last week.

I found them EXTREMELY painful - left me nauseated and in tears. I am considering stopping the injections - that is how bad they hurt.

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Hi, I just had my 4th Faslodex injection and definitely the first one was the worst experience. The nurses warmed the meds but not like I did on my next visits.

Make sure the vials are REALLY warm - they go in easier, easier for you to handle and the nurses to give. Rub them in your hands a good while to warm them or if getting Zometa put them between your breast and let them warm.

I also drink lots of water day before, day of and day after and I take a Claritin. Don't know if it helps - but haven't had an experience like the first one since I really warm those two vials of Faslodex. That works great for the Zometa also.

I have heard that the more I have the easier they are to tolerate. Injection pain I had yesterday was the nurses, they were both new. They also make a difference.

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I forgot to address the nausea - yes nausea is a common side effect along with joint pain. Were you given Zofran or anything for the nausea? Do you have meds for any joint pain? Also the other top side effect is fatigue.

I had headaches for about a week. Worst was the joint pain. Hang in there, does get better.

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Make sure the shot goes straight in. I've been on it for about 18 months, twice I got severe nerve pain from it. In the first case I cannot feel the back of my thighs and in the second case I could not walk afterwards for about three days. The pain in the joints, the nausea is there but nothing compared to the nerve pains.... but I am here and that's what's important!!

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