Expiration Date 10/13 Meloxicam


Meloxicam 7.5mg expired 10/13 is it ok to take.
Thank you

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Hi Babe! Medications can b expired for years and still b safe 2 take. They may lose their potency, but r safe.

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"Most" medications (aside from tetracycline) are still considered safe to take even up to 15 years beyond the expiration date. Harvard Medical School wrote an article about this too, discussing how the US military drew that conclusion after examining stockpiles of old medication.

They didn't list the names of any particular drugs, so unfortunately I don't know which medications were used in the study. However, I'd imagine something like Meloxicam with proposed analgesic and fever reducing effects, to be a drug of interest upon making such claims.

Would you say was it stored properly all this time?

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I have prescription Meloxicam and the experation date is Febuary 2015 is it safe to take

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Major they will tell you not to take expired meds, but like anything else it has to have an expiration date, that does not mean the medication is expired just that the prescription is expired. most meds are good several years beyond their expiration date.

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I have potassium pills that are six years old can I still take them???

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