Eliquis What A Drug


have used this here in the u.k for 4 months as I was diagnosed with a.f. 5mgs x2 per day. Wish I had never been given them.
So far strange pain in the top of head.
stomach cramps.
blood in urine.
pain in back passage
cant sleep more than 3 hours per night.
affecting spinal stenosis and arthritis.
Recently diagnosed with muscle wasting disease Myasthenia Gravis and I think there is a problem with taking Eliquis and having this condition.
oh forgot urine bleeding started after a 5hour flight

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I began Eliquis on thursday evening and within a day began feeling my pulse pounding in my brain and top of the head. Also felt unbalanced, like I might fall over. Also, felt like I had a weight on the top of my head. Stopped taking it yesterday morning and began warfarin again. Still feeling palpitations.

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Hi, I have MG &have been in Eliquis for about 2wks for a big ol' femoral DVT and some friends provoked by the emergency temporary plasmapheresis catheter used in my last Mg crisis. Started Eliquis two days b/f leaving hospital after discovering that Lovenox injections caused a dangerous exacerbation of my MG symptoms. I've noticed no side effects from the Eliquis re: my MG. Wanted to be sure and post to encourage you to learn all you can about MG, as it is a rare disease and it's a sad fact if life that due to that, you will need to help steer many of your healthcare practitioners to practical information in order to receive proper, safe treatment. The MG Foundation of USA has some fantastic documents to start you off with, including an extensive examination of contraindicated drugs for MG patients. Also, easy to understand descriptions of how the different mechanisms of MG disease work (for instance: none of them are actually "muscle-wasting," though I understand it can FEEL that way!). Good luck in your treatment and I hope you find the root of these awful symptoms, be it Eliquis side effects or something else!

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Here's the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation website that Hannah mentioned in her post.

As stated, there is no warning on taking it with Eliquis, but we are all different, and may be affect differently by any given medication.

The FDA warns that dizziness, headache, joint/muscle aches, and risk of bleeding can all be normal side effects of Eliquis.

Ref: Eliquis Information

The blood in your urine is a concerning symptom that you should have checked out by your doctor, as soon as possible.

Robby, have you informed your doctor that you stopped taking it?

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