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My boyfriend's doctor of 3 years changed practices and moved and now he cannot find a doctor who will write him the same prescription he was getting the last 3 years with her. Are there any doctors in New Mexico who he can be on a pain contract with and get his prescription from. He was getting 150 3mg Oxycodone a month, because he has chronic hip pain, but every place we've gone to is telling him they aren't authorized to prescribe the quantity he needs. We have all of his X-rays, medical records and a copy of his board of pharmacy saying how much he's been on continuously for 3 years. He's not looking to get more. He just wants to stay on exactly what he was on. Please help. We're hitting nothing but dead ends and he's been without any medication for his pain for almost 2 months.

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Hello, Marcella! How is your boyfriend doing?

Unfortunately, there were new regulations put in place last year that do restrict what doctors can prescribe and how much they can prescribe of it. If these are the regular release, then I think 4 a day is the maximum and most doctors will want to go even lower.

An additional problem could be occurring if he's contacting doctors and asking them up front about prescribing, before actually going in for an appointment, because doctors and their staff are taught to view that as drug seeking behavior. So, he's going to need to set up an appointment with a new doctor, without asking for any medications. Once he goes to the appointment, he can then make sure they get a full copy of his records and discuss his treatment options, at that time.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Can anyone recommend a good doctor in that area?

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I need address for pain management doctor who will prescribe me my meds of 120/30mg Oxycodone, my local doctor has passed away. Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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You probably had Dr E. Kennedy horrible what happen to him. He had a horrible staff from Patricia to Dr. Reyes she was a Royal B*****. His patients had no choice because he half of them were Dr John A Flores before he went back to Redlands California but now that. He is back in silver city you can go see him but he does have now a year or two waiting list and you do have to take all your medical records and he will do a complete check up. he is wonderful. he has been my families doctor. he was my grandmother's Internist for 20 years and my doctor for 13 years. I do not see anyone else. he sees me for everything and feel confident he actually saved my life from Dr Kennedy over medicating me. I still take oxycodone, methadone, keppra, zinosimide, lamotrigone, and thyroid and other vitamins he adds to my regimen but it beats 22 meds I was on with Dr Kennedy and with Dr Flores. I get blood work every month and with Kennedy I never had one evaluation done, only x-rays and nerve conduction but never blood work in the 3 Years I was there. Try Dr Flores at silver healthcare 575-538-2981 or you can see Dr heal in Las Cruces or castrejon on solano near the el Paso electric drive thru payment company. Or Dr imoisi on telshore. You can also call your insurance like if you have blue Cross or blue shield. In new Mexico they have pain management specialist in Albuquerque and they pay for hotel and gas or transportation.

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I'm just trying to find a doctor in Albuquerque to fill my Xanax, and 10 ml it oxys I'm not trying to get anything uped I've been without on the xanex for 27 days and nobpain meds since the 10th I need help just getting my monthly maintenance meds sorry but if anyone knows a Dr or how I can get my meds I could really use the help

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Fighting for: I'm astounded at your medical benefits !! You gotta be a retired GVT EMPLOYEE !! :-#... Us tax payers footin your incredible benes.. Ins. that pays for gas & hotel etc to see a Dr. ?!? Not my pvt plan that I pay almost $1,000 a month for & it doesnt cover all that !

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Say What,

I agree 100% it's amazing what those delusional patients receiving entitlement benefits actually consider a maintence dose . NO DOCTOR IN THE USA WILL EVER PRESCRIBE THAT REGIMEN AND QUANTITY IN THIS DAY AND AGE. Try a methadone clinic if your suffering but no benzos will be prescribed with any narcotic opiod or opiate Rx in 2017
those glory days are GONE FOREVER.

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Re: ThereAlwaysAVictim (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I get 180 30s and 90 2mg Xanax a month so yes it still happens

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I am in Illinois so I am not sure what laws or infrastructure differences on this issue is between the states but here there are pain management centers usually affiliated with or near your local hospital! These are not regular MD's they are all Anesthesiologists with full prescribing power. YES this system is still not always a cake walk they still must obey prescribing laws in place as in the number and drug combinations they are allowed to dispense and how often etc. He will have to prove his medical condition with proper documentation, take drug panels and blood work, etc, but once he does he will likely have no issues and face better understanding of the entire "pain management system" IF you want to call it that?

The next part of this is to JOSH,

I am prescribed a combination of percocet 10/325 and xanax .50 3-4 times a day as needed they have always said do NOT take them together I am to wait an hour in between one and the other. It could be the state you live in? I wish you luck with that my friend I am sure it is difficult especially when they start to treat you like a common street junkie. This is for VERWON: WONDERFULLY EDUCATED response I thank you! Here where I am it is a small town of only 100,000 and once you have become branded with pill seeking behavior whether you are or are not and simply trying to find a dr as these people are in genuine need of medical help and attention left unable to get it. The way you speak to a physician is so important because it can bite you in the behind without you realizing it if you aren't knowledgeable on how to approach this situation. FIGHT FOR MEDICAL DIGNITY: I just wanted to say ONE thing how NICE of you to have taken the time to share such a plethora of information. I am very happy you have good benefits. That is NO ONE'S business SAY WHAT and it certainly isn't this person's fault if YOU don't have them or have good ones which had NOTHING to do with ANY PART OF THIS CONVERSATION AT ALL.

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Matt who is your doc? My husband has had a hard time getting a dr. That would do this for him? I mean we go to the lo pain cry they are the worst thing that ever happened to him they keep changing his prescription going up and down on a monthly basis to the point he has contemplated killing these people and himself. Can you please help me we need a good dock that will care for him soon!!!

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