Donating Plasma After Age 65


Why can't people over the age of 65 donate blood plasma?

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Hi Jeri,

According to the US National Institute of Health, the reason why the age cut off was around 65, was due to what was "thought" to be an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in these individuals. However more recent studies have determined that its prevalence was deemed infrequent enough to overrule the age cut off point in certain countries where an average healthy life expectancy was considered to be higher than others. Despite this assessment, many donation centers else where still require first time donors to be under 65, unless deemed acceptable by an on-site physician who can recommend otherwise based on their own discretion.

You can read more specific details about this in the link below:

I hope this helps to answer your question!

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I will turn 65 on September 30, 2017. My current plasma donation center told me there are locations who accept healthy donors after age 65. Can you refer me to any of those places? I've spent 20 minutes online here and keep getting the same pages over and over. Thanks. And be blessed!

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What location can I go to donate plasma
I am 67...I live in Charlotte, NC

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Sites in Macomb twp Mi to donate at 67 yrs old. Locations?

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CSL Plasma. You can donate until age 74.

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